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True quality of accommodations
True quality of accommodations
Mold in our apartment
Mold in our apartment
Intern in a Non-profit
Intern in a Non-profit
Intern in Israel
Intern in Israel
Intern Abroad in Israel with Non-Profits & NGOs
Intern Abroad in Israel with Non-Profits & NGOs
Intern in Israel
Intern in Israel
Intern Abroad in Israel with Non-profits and NGOs
Intern Abroad in Israel with Non-profits and NGOs


Are you looking for a meaningful experience overseas?

Top Israel Interns has one of the widest network of non-profits and NGO's in Israel. Our placements include a wide variety of organizations including services for troubled youth, museums, medical organizations, think tanks, interfaith and intercultural centers and more. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to make a difference abroad.

Speak to an Admissions Coordinator today to discover whether you are eligible for a generous grant or scholarship.

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No, I don't recommend this program

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !! This program is full of lies and broken promises

Before coming on the program I was very excited for the unique opportunities Top Israel Interns had to offer, but unfortunately, many of those promises never came true, and we did not receive the programming that was advertised.

- During the internship placement process, it became clear that I (along with my fellow participants) would have to take our placement process into our own hands. The internship coordinators are NOT helpful. They offered to teach us how to optimize our resumes and cover letters which never happened. Aside from taking weeks to respond to emails, the coordinator responded rudely and simply told me to go to my school’s guidance center to fix my resume, without even telling me what to correct.
- I never heard from her after I found my own internship opportunity.
- There was no internship orientation as was promised

- I was extremely unhappy with my living arrangements. I had my phone calls avoided and was finally told I could not be moved because they had virtually introduced everyone to their roommates.
- 2 hours later, my only other flatmate at the time was transferred at his request. That was extremely unfair.
- Towards the end of the program, our room was infested with ants, and it took 5 days to get someone to come spray. Until that point, AGAIN, my phone calls were not answered and not returned by the program coordinators. One admitted she did not have authority for certain things that needed to be done.

- Online there are photos of the newly renovated apartments in Florentine posted, stating that’s where everyone is going to live. It also mentions well maintained lobbies and good security.
- Our apartment had neither security nor a lobby, and was situated on the main floor with our apartment door opening to the street.
- The apartments were run down, lower quality, had recurring mold issues which nobody fixed (we were given spray to take care of it ourselves), broken furniture, broken doors, no AC or air circulation in living rooms/showers/toilets/kitchen/laundry rooms.
- We recurrently got little or no notice that the landlord/someone else/strangers/repairmen were coming into the apartment, and they would come in when we are at work or on a day trip. This made me OVERLY uncomfortable- especially when we found out during a day trip that the exterminator was coming, and I had left personal items and envelopes of money laying around.
- Our living situation was sub-par, and definitely NOT worth the amount of money we had to pay. - We also had to travel to the apartments far away for all programming, some day trips, and the sheets and bedding were delivered there (so we had to carry it all home when all of those folks had it delivered to them). We were totally stranded and forgotten.

- The day trips were advertised on the website as amazing- “the program includes two group Shabbatons (weekends away) which includes rappelling in the north, a tour of the Knesset, ATVs in the desert, a visit to exclusive start-ups and much more”.
- We did NONE of those specified items and did not have either group Shabbaton

- The program hit rock-bottom the day we went to the Dead Sea and an Oasis. The lunch they promised to provide consisted of 1⁄2 a bagel per person because not enough food was supplied. Because of the insane disorganization, we missed our next stop (the Jordan River) to get pizza.
- The website claims that past trips went north for “kayaking, camping, to basketball games, enjoyed sushi nights, chocolate workshops [and] wine festivals”
- we did nothing even closely resembling those fun-sounding excursions
- We were also never taken or given the opportunity to attend any of the “social and cultural events” that were mentioned.

- there were many social activities that we were told we would have that never occurred, such as “pot-lock dinner, professional development workshop, movie night” and “opening and closing sessions as well as a seminar where you learn about Israeli start up and hi-tech culture”.
- TII was also advertised as a program that would offer career advancement workshops regularly, which did not occur. For many of us, that was a huge factor in deciding to participate in this program, and was a huge let-down.

I have also been informed that the 5 month program currently running had Ulpan (hebrew lessons) but only for about 1/2 the amount time they originally promised.

(I enjoyed onward israel, personally!!)

What would you improve about this program?
To improve this program, they can:

- give us reasonable accommodations
- listen to our complaints and feedback
- fulfill and follow through on promises
- not treat it as such a money grab and actually use some of what we pay towards good programming
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No, I don't recommend this program

Top Israel Interns Review


Similar to the other reviews on this site, I would like to start off saying I love Israel and highly suggest traveling there, it is an amazing place filled with welcoming people and great vibes.

I am writing this email on behalf of myself, however, I am aware my peers are suffering similar feelings. I have a feeling you will disregard or give me a subpar response just like you have with everything else on this program.

Let’s start with our “Maidrecha” which in English means “House Mom.” She was not helpful to us at all. Luckily I am familiar with Israel as I have been here a few times before and know family/friends here. However, some of the people in my program do not. This is not a Jewish program; we have people who have never been to Israel or been on Taglit. She was unreliable as a Maidrecha and very rude. When people were sick and texted her for help she would answer that she couldn’t help, even if it were a simple question such as “what hospital should I go to?” or “where can I get medicine?” This is extremely unfortunate, as she is paid to do this.

We were told we were going to have weekly social activities such as “pot luck dinners, movie nights, and career development workshops.” We were also told we would have two group Shabbatons (weekends away) that never happened. We were told on these Shabbatons we would “repel in the North, tour the Knesset, ride ATVs in the desert, and tour exclusive start ups.” None of this happened. We never had a pot-luck dinner that was paid for (we once hosted our own Shabbat that we had to pay for that was pot luck style.) We never did any of what we were promised. The program director, NEVER met with us to prep us for our internships. She led one program that was a total joke --- no career advice, resume building, or anything along that line. We colored pictures and gave each other compliments.

The pictures of the apartments posted on the website are a lie. I was lucky to live in Herzl 1, a nicer, modernized apartment in Florentine, whereas my peers who lived in Guela by the beach suffered mold, cockroaches and being separated from the majority of the group.

Below is NOT our apartment and I can ASSURE you that no one had any sort of lobby like this. Our apartment was on the street of Herzl with no security, we often had people who worked for the building come in and out without our permission. Not to mention the directors of the program would tell us a few hours, sometimes 30 minutes before someone was going to enter the apartment. That is both scary & not safe for the people who live there.

One of the craziest experiences I had on this program, however, was our trip to the Dead Sea and oasis in the desert. They didn’t have enough food for everyone that day --- it was both the TLV and Jerusalem trip. We were given half a bagel. HALF A BAGEL for a day where we were in the Dead Sea and hot desert sun. No drinks were provided. No snacks. We stopped for pizza, however, and missed a major element of our scheduled program which was supposed to be seeing the Jordan River.

There’s so much more I can complain about; however, it is not worth the time & energy --- NOR IS THIS PROGRAM! This program put ZERO EFFORT into the wellbeing, safety, and quality assurance of the participants. As a person who has had many friends do similar programs, I suggest Onward Israel, Career Israel, and anything not through Top Israel Interns.

What would you improve about this program?
- Don't lie on your website
- Post accurate pictures
- Hire career focused, interested staff
- Provide better communication between your staff and people on the program