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Joinki's challenge is to spread foreign languages awareness in Italy while at the same time ensuring the best quality in the hospitality and management of all the applicants' experience coming from all over the world.


Become part of the Joinki Language Tutor Program in Italy. This opportunity offers you a whole new way of experiencing cultural exchange, since you will be given the chance to be an active member of a true Italian community.

You will serve as an English or German language tutor to an Italian family in the Trentino Region in Italy.

In return for providing exposure to the language around 15 hours per week, focusing on conversation and some language tutoring, you will receive the following:

- Lodging and full board with an Italian family (three meals per day)
- Introduction and support from Joinki
- Italian Language Course
- One excursion every two weeks
- Free public transport
- Free entry free admission to more than 60 museums, 20 castles and over 40 attractions

  • enhancing your resume with a unique experience;
  • a truly cultural immersion program in the local community
  • free train and bus travel within the Trentino Region. Free admission to more then 40 museums, 15 castles and over 40 attractio
  • developing professional and technical skill
  • Improving personal relationships


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Thanks for getting in touch with Joinki. Of course. The program is open even to C2 level of English applicants.


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  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.8
  • Value 10
  • Safety 10
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An Authentic Way to Experience Northern Italy

I will never forget my incredible time with Joinki! Living with a host family provides an authentic way to experience the culture of the Trentino region. Sabrina is an amazing coordinator and was attentive and helpful throughout my entire journey. I spent time with the other tutors in the program and got to go on excursions in the area. I wanted to learn Italian cooking and spent time with my host mother in the kitchen. I had time to read and reflect in the beautiful nature. I learned what it is like to teach English and learned some Italian as well. I absolutely would recommend this program to anyone who wants an authentic taste of Northern Italy! I am so thankful to Joinki for this amazing opportunity.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable Italian Experience

When I first found Joinki online, I got really excited about the program. I really got a feeling that the staff of Joinki cared for their tutors and really took their time to make sure you were placed in a family that matched with your interests for the month long program. When I arrived, I felt very welcomed not only by the family but also by Sabrina and never did I feel like I was lacking anything. Beyond helping the family I was with with English, I was also volunteered at a high school, helping in the English classes. I also had mentioned I was interested in learning Italian and Joinki made sure I had plenty of resources to learn the language and I actually ended up leaving with a decent knowledge of Italian. Sometimes with the family it was a bit unclear what they wanted in terms of English help but we made it work and tried different tutoring methods until we found the best one for each family member. Through Joinki we also got to go on a few trips with some of the other tutors and it was really amazing to explore the region. Trentino was a wonderful location that I really didn't know much about and now am completely in love. I really recommend this program for anyone looking for a true language exchange experience. Not only do you get to teach the family, but you also get to experience the Italian culture, learn some of their customs and go on unique adventures in the mountains, lakes and castles that surround the region. The Joinki staff is extremely helpful and they take their time to tailor the experience to your interests and are always checking up on you to make sure everything is well. Thank you Joinki for giving me an unforgettable few weeks in Trentino!

Yes, I recommend

Language Tutor Review

I participated in this program as a Language Tutor for 6 weeks in April and May 2018. Engaging in this experience was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only was I given the extremely rewarding opportunity of teaching English and chess in a school in Northern Italy as well as improving my host's ability to speak English, I was able to learn in-depth about the culture and lifestyle of people in the Trentino region. The program provided me with an Italian tutor who also worked as a tour guide in the area and took me to different restaurants and museums and explained the history embedded in the region. This allowed me to learn the Italian language and also understand in detail everything that happened in the past in Italy and specifically in the Trentino region. The director of the program also took the language tutors on various excursions including trips to Lake Garda and hiking in the canyons near Val di Non.
Trento is an excellent place to spend time as the University of Trento is there, which makes it easy to meet and become friends with the students of the University. Trento is also in an excellent location in Northern Italy, which allowed me to take trips to many cities including Milan, Venice, Verona, Innsbruck, and many others.
The host I was placed was very nice and hospitable. He cooked meals quite frequently or would take me to restaurants in Trento. However, we did many things outside of working on English and eating together. We went hiking multiple times in the mountains surrounding Trento, letting us see some of the most beautiful views in the world. We watched many football matches as he was a fan of AC Milan. We went to a world class circus that was sold-out in Trento. He even had a friend of his take me on a helicopter ride through the mountains. As he had resided in Trento for 20+ years, he was able to give me a lot of tips on what to do in the area and pass on a lot of knowledge about the city.
Overall, I would say that this was one of the most fun and educational experiences of my life and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to go abroad or learn about a new culture.

How can this program be improved?
If possible, hire more language tutors at one time so that there is a bigger immediate group to socialize with- but like I said, Trento is the home of a major university allowing you to make friends rather easily anyway.
Yes, I recommend
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Elena in bella Italia

I do not exaggerate when I say that I had a fantastic time in Trentino. I always felt very welcome as I had a great host family and the Joinki staff was always present. Therefore, I felt safe and very well cared for. I was a language tutor in a Primary School as well as in a Middle School and it was great seeing the students' but also the family's improvement in the German language. However, I could also improve my Italian. In my free time I could see a lot of beautiful places nearby.
I warmely recommend this program for everyone who likes to meet lovely people, a cultural exchange and who likes pizza ;)

How can this program be improved?
To be honest, I can't think of anything that can be improved :)
Yes, I recommend
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Amazing experience

The joinki Program is perfect for anyone who wants to spend amazing time abroad. The family the organization picked for me is perfect for my needs! They did an amazing job. I have the opportunity to see an other side of Europe, a different part of the world. Nature in this area is amazing and I went hiking several times to enjoy the great panorama. I'm so thankful for the support I receive from the organization, but also from my hostfamily. I can teach my language and spread my knowledge, while enjoying the new experience. If you want to challenge yourself and are up for something new I would recommend this experience for you !

Yes, I recommend
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Ti Amo Italia

This experience was the best memory of my summer. I was teaching English, hiking, travelling, getting to know so many interesting people.
Besides the benefits I have received from this program and I had a joy of giving back my English skills. I can't describe how happy I was seeing the progress in English of my students.
I left Italy filled with a lot of memories and the hope that one day I will come back to Trentino region and will be able to meet my lovely hosting family and amazing team of JOINKI again. And also a very special thank you to Sabrina who was always there for any help we needed throughout the program.
And yes, pistachio gelato is the best.

Yes, I recommend
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Unforgettable experience in Italy

It's an unforgettable and valuable experience for me to have the chance to teach students in the primary school,middle school,high school and do culture exchange as well.

I lived with the host family near trento.They are really nice and kind to introduce me to their friends. And the three children are really cute and willing to talk to me to practice English and learn a little bit Chinese. I experienced the original Italian family lifestyle and also show them Chinese culture by Family presentation every week.

It is also a good chance to experience the differences among various education systems by teaching students in different levels and grades.

During the holidays or weekends, me and other tutors got the chance to explore Italy. Joinki group will take tutors to visit many beautiful places every two weeks and we can also travel by ourselves if we have free time.

Do not worry about the language problem, for the first few days, the member of Joinki will help you figure out problems like the transportation, library card and something you need to notice about the culture differences. The program also provides the language courses to help you learn some basic Italian.

And it's my honor to meet with the mayor at the end of my program. He's really nice and welcome more tutors all over the world can come to Italy to do culture exchange and help students there improve English or German.

Yes, I recommend
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An Adventure Abroad

Over the summer I spent two months in Italy, learning, loving, and living in a whole new world. I made new friends, discovered new cultures, and taught English. I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience. Yes, there were challenges, and yes, you’ll probably spend a lot of money, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I cannot thank Joinki enough for giving me this opportunity to travel and learn.

I lived in Valle San Felice, Italy, a small village south of Trento, with my amazing host family. The scenery was unimaginably beautiful, but the view did come with a cost. My host house was literally up the hillside away from almost everything, where the bus would only come three times a day. However, even though my specific location was pretty isolated, my host family was incredible. Sabrina and Sara really take their time to match their applicants up with welcoming and loving families. My host family was amazingly sweet, sometimes loud, but always fun.

Teaching English to my host family and at the school was both challenging and very rewarding. My host family kids were great fun, but it definitely took some time to build up that trust for them to open up to me. At the school, I got to share my culture and knowledge, and help prepare students for their KET English Exams, which I recently heard they all did very well on. Near the end of my program I also worked at a local summer camp. Very fun, but also very sweaty.

I discovered Joinki through Aiesec and quickly found how lucky I was to have done my project with Joinki. If you have any specific questions or burning inquiries, feel free to email me at [email protected] :)

I met lots of new people from all walks of life and made a lifetime of friends that I cannot wait to see again in future travels. Also, pistacchio gelato is the best. Grazie Mille Sabrina e Sara. Ci vediamo!

Yes, I recommend


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