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“Survival and emancipation of the Migrants in Rome and surrounding areas”

Migrants come in their numbers amongst other thousands and thousands from different continents and they are still arriving in their thousands. These are the African migrants and refugees battling with conflicts and nature but for some of them it is just to find a better standard of living somewhere else rather than their home countries and that somewhere is Europe. Most migrants enter Europe via Italy which has saved millions of them from sinking boats due to humanitarian reasons as they flee from Libya. Most of them are housed in refugee centers and are fended for by the Italian Government and some European Union members.

Migrants in Italy: experimenting ways of survival and emancipation

  • Spend a few weeks in Rome carrying out a variety of volunteer work.
  • Conduct research on social programming in Tor Sapienza and nearby areas. o Go on excursions to Rome and visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
  • Enjoy a tour of the Vatican and others

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