Dolphin and Whale Research, Mediterranean

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Volunteer at the Cetacean Sanctuary which is a marine protection area stretching between France and Italy. As a volunteer you will help gather vital data and help with preliminary digital photo analyses and acoustic recordings, whilst also learning basic sailing techniques.

The research focuses on cetacean species such as; Fin Whales, Sperm Whales, Risso's Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Striped Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins.

You will work side by side with researchers and recieve specific training and lectures. Participants will be assigned different tasks daily such as; sighting, navigation, computer (data entry and hydrophone listening), cooking and boat keeping shifts.

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The minimum age to join this project is 18, but we are also able to accept volunteers aged 15 and over as long as they can provide us with a parental consent letter.


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