Experteer Your Communication, Social Media and PR Skills Anywhere

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Experteer Your Communications Skills Across the Globe
Experteer Your Communications Skills Across the Globe


Volunteering your communication skills abroad provides mutual benefits to yourself and the world around you. Here at, we call it Experteering.

Our unique matching process, planning support, and training helps you find the perfect opportunity to Experteer abroad - and make a real impact in the process. Here at, we know you have incredible potential and we don't want to limit or force-fit your dream trip. If you can't find a project that fits all of your needs, let us know and our team will work with you to find you the right project for your skills and preferences.

From marketing coffee products from Colombia into the US market to being to supporting poverty alleviation in Peru, we have projects that will utilize your communication skills, help you grow as a global leader, and make the world a better place along the way.

Caeer Growth for Social Impact Fellowship — Now Accepting Applications

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing way to gain experience and also see the world

I wanted to gain more experience in the international sustainability space, and by working with MovingWorlds to find three concrete work opportunities, I not only was able to grow and develop as a professional, I also had the chance to become emerged in three distinctly unique cultures. If you love to travel, Experteering is a great way to truly meet local people and have a deep and meaningful experience. Experteering is also a way of advancing one's career through innovative projects that you can mold to what you want to achieve.