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If you’ve got your heart set on a volunteer experience of lifetime, why not come to Jamaica for human rights volunteer work, and learn about social issues by working alongside those directly affected. Go where few, if any people you know have gone and immerse in a new culture while boosting your CV.

Do this all by helping to raise awareness of human rights, help people who are suffering from issues with domestic violence, housing disputes, children’s shelters, at risk youths and disadvantaged communities.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Jamaica Volunteers

Jamaica volunteers is truly an amazing experience, what makes it unique is the way you are able to experience real life in Jamaica without all the tourism.
you get to live alongside a Jamaican family in a local area, eating Jamaican food and working with Jamaican colleagues, so it is truly the real deal.
The guest house is lovely and spacious with lots of character and scenic views, the facilities could be updated however such as Aircon in all bedrooms and up to date TV/Entertainment.

All of the staff are really friendly and helpful, the cook is very accommodating and punctual.
The drivers are really reliable and trustworthy with good manners and a great understanding of Kingston and beyond.

The human rights programme was extremely worth while, with a variety of conferences to attend as well as teaching life skills to students and day to day admin tasks. It was very varied and all the staff were approachable and friendly and made my time there memorable and enjoyable.

There is so much to do in kingston alone including shopping malls, beaches, nightlife, museums, local events like festivals, restaurants etc. you never run out of things to do, however its important to budget for these as they can be expensive.
I reccommend deciding what trips you want to do when you arrive rather than in advance as it is cheaper and you may meet other volunteers that want to do something as a group.

Overall this is an amazing experience and this is mainly because of the hard work the staff put in to making sure you have a fun safe time in Jamaica, i have made friends for life on this island and will definitely be returning in the near future!!

What would you improve about this program?
The programme overall is fairly organised, there is always support and help where needed which is brilliant. However some of the rules are slightly unrealistic , especially for those in their 20's who want to be free to enjoy Jamaica's party life. Although safety is taken into consideration, The programme could be slightly more flexible for volunteers for example less restriction on alcohol intake.
I also think the certain members who run the programme need to have more of an understanding for those of different cultures who might not fully understand some Jamaican traditions and the programme needs to keep up with the times if they want to attract more volunteers.
For example the technology like TVS need to be updated and Aircon should be standard in all rooms and snacks and drinks should be provided throughout the day.

I think if the guest house is to be truly welcoming then the doors should be unlocked at all times in the day so volunteers feel welcome and not separated from the family.