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Spending time with cows and warming up to their individual personalities.
Working on our video work in the farm house at Peepal farm
Photography skills in Panama
Photography skills in Panama


Videos and photos are a powerful tool that give locally led social impact organizations the ability to better tell their story. When they do, they can raise more money, build more partnerships, and tap into a global network.

At MovingWorlds, we want to help you use your real creative skills to make a positive impact. When you join us as a member, you can use our online platform to find video and photography projects around the world that give you a free place to live in exchange for your skills. If, for some reason, you don't find a project you like, our matching team will schedule a call with you and then custom source a new project just for you. We'll then guide you through an effective training and planning process to make sure you have a real impact.

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Give back to the world with visual storytelling

We are a couple who worked with Moving Worlds to land a project at an animal recovery center in Northern India. Our time there was incredibly rewarding and we learned a tremendous amount about the challenges and opportunities in animal welfare. We fell in love with the animals at the farm (including cows, donkeys and bulls, animals that we had no prior relationship with. Unfortunately, we saw some brutal animal cruelty by humans on cows, but we also discovered they have unique personalities, from the cow that would push me from behind in the butt or would eat from the garden when I wasn't looking. Some of the big animal recovery issues received significant social media and traditional media attention, thanks to the efforts of our video work. It was definitely a personally and professionally rewarding project.