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Environment, Teaching & Living on the Perhentian Island

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The Ecoteer House Project is unique in Malaysia. The aim of the project is to spread environmental awareness among the village children, adults and the tourists while improving their English. Your participation will support the local economy and help the local Ladies Group - Perhentian Islands Ladies Association (set up by Ecoteer in 2012).

You live in a traditional Malay village on the paradise islands of Perhentian. During the standard week you will assist with three school clubs - Computer, English and Environmental Club.

You will also help with various other activities during the week such as hosting an awareness booth on Saturdays, snorkeling, sharing Malay dinners with the families in the village, light construction work and various other things.

If you really want to experience life on a tropical paradise island whilst giving back - this is the project for you!

This project is suitable for volunteers of 16 year and above and families with children even as young as 4 years old.

Fuze Ecoteer also lead school expeditions throughout Malaysia which this project is often part of the itinerary.

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Program Reviews (15)

37 years old
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Schooling with the fishes

Overall 10

We went there as a family last year; my kids were then 12yo, 9yo and 4yo. They had a blast! Learning about the ocean and sea creatures, conversing with the locals and Ecoteer staff and volunteers, and enjoying each other's company as our own family unit. We were amazed at how much they learnt and grown without being in school (they missed school for about a week or so).

Accommodation and food were excellent too. Perhentian has a lot to offer; the immense beauty under the sea, white powdery beaches and cool waves, the authentic local scene with friendly villagers and yummy food, to top it all, excellent Ecoteer team coupled with great activities!

We would definitely be back for more great time! Money and time well spent...

36 years old

Exceptional experience!

Overall 8

This program opens up my horizon of experience in terms of diversity of culture, communication with locals & international participants. Eventhough I am born & breed in Malaysia, there's some activities that allow me to re-live sweet memories with fellow Malaysians especially the lovely Malay community in Perhentian Island (love the authentic Malay dinner & kuih making session!) The staff in Perhentian are warm & hospitable, Sheryn makes me felt like home almost instantly. It's my 1st time traveling solo & getting a taste of voluntourism, it's definately priceless! Mixing with diverse group of participants from China, England, Indonesia etc, breaking the language barriers, sharing about our culture & stories, making new friends, learning & tutoring the kids, embracing the raw environment in Perhentian Island - It has made travelling taste differently!
Big shout out to all the staff, interns & new friends for the great adventure :)

21 years old


Overall 10

My friend Amina and I volunteered in the Perhentian Islands (community & conservation project). During our stay, we had the opportunity to work with the children and participate in lots of other fun activities (malay dinners, jungle trek, snorkelling etc). It was also great to be able to learn some of the malay language. The locals were so welcoming. I have never met such heart warming and friendly people. We stayed in the volunteer house in the village which was a great experience. A big thank you to the interns ( (El, Sheryn, Imran & Ainn) for making us feel so welcome and making our trip so memorable. You are all amazing!! :D I wish we had stayed longer, it really is an experience like no other! We hope to visit the beautiful Perhentian Islands again soon!! p.s the food was amazing (SEDAP!!)

22 years old
Rawang, Selangor

For those who are looking for more than just a vacation

Overall 10

I had a amazing week volunteering in this program. Short, but meaningful. First, the people are really great and welcoming! Friendly locals, helpful staffs.. not just staffs but friends! Every night we will pick a movie, get our snacks and pillows ready, dim the light and it's movie time! Missing those days already. Also, jungle trek, monitor lizard encounter on jungle trek, freak ourselves out but still managed to tiptoe pass it, taking a dip at Teluk Keke (no joke, paradise on earth), jetty jump with the gang, beach cleaning, educating the locals, fun time with kids and more jetty jumps... Oh one of the highlights of this program will have to be the Malay dinners at local family home, you get to dine like a local! Put on sarung, sit on the floor and eat with your right hand. (Even though I'm a Malaysian, I barely have the chance to do that). It was truly a very worthwhile experience I'm so glad i joined. If u want to get involved in all aspects of village life, join this project and be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the community and culture! Come on Malaysian, we all know Perhentian is beautiful, but this project is way more than just a beach vacation, you get to connect with this beautiful destination! ;)

*The only downside is that I didn't stay long enough to get more involved. Keep up the good work Fuze Ecoteer! :)

21 years old
Newcastle, Australia
University of Newcastle

What a blast!

Overall 10

An amazing two weeks spent with amazing people! Definitely would have regretted staying for less, and if I didn't have to return home for work and university I would have stayed a lot longer!

Although the amenities are a bit basic (cold showers, wooden house with gaps everywhere for the creepy crawlies to come in - ahh!), I felt very safe and it was well worth it for the experience. As long as you're prepared to get into the activities and don't mind some hands on action then you will love this.

Activities are well thought out, prepared and the staff are always checking that you are happy and having fun. I love knowing that I was part of something bigger, if only for a short time, because the difference Fuze Ecoteer is making in this community is truly tremendous! I would love to come back in a few years and see what it will have become.

How can this program be improved?
The accommodation definitely needs a bit of DIY work, as it remains very basic, particularly the Volunteer House where all volunteers stay.
28 years old
Grubbenvorst, The Netherlands

The whole package!

Overall 9

Teaching, eco-snorkeling, beach cleans, Malay dinners, kuih sessions, painting, gardening and so much more... Volunteering at this project gives you a total view of island life, while making a small difference. And if you don't make a difference on the island itself, it's you as a person that changes. I don't think I've ever stayed in a village that is more welcoming than Kampung Pulau Perhentian. And that's exactly the reason why I decided to come back for a couple of months in 2015, after volunteering here for just two weeks in 2014.

How great was it to have neighbours sending over the most delicious meals through our window; to save marine life while picking up so many pieces of rubbish; to run camps; to guide school groups; and to inspire travellers to care just a little bit more about the crazy world we live in. On top of that I was blessed to meet heaps of people that inspired me and taught me lots of different things. It the place to be with like-minded people... A big hug to everyone I met during my stay!

23 years old
Scottish Agricultural College

Teaching & Conservation: Perhentian Islands

Overall 10

I only volunteered for 2 weeks, but wish I was able to stay for longer! What struck me was that straight away, I felt like I was part of the community. I was involved with so many activities; awareness campaigns, teaching English, kuih (dessert making), computer class, beach clean-ups, school clubs, snorkelling tour etc.! Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, the Ecoteer Staff were great and I settled in quickly. It was amazing to see how this project runs so well with the locals.
The Perhentian Islands are simply stunning. Words can not truly describe the views we saw every day. I loved the whole experience and would highly recommend it to anyone! :)

18 years old

Amazing experience in an island experience

Overall 9

I loved every part of this experience. The ecoteer team are so incredibly friendly and the children at the school are fantastic to work with. There are so many parts of this project to get involved in - English club for local women, school clubs, beach clean ups and awareness campaigns. You can really see the difference this project is making within this small community and it is great to see a project working so closely side by side with locals.
The island itself is honestly gorgeous - clear, turquoise waters make for wonderful snorkeling in free time as well!
Thanks to the ecoteer team for everything and well done for all the incredible work you do!!!

41 years old
Stuttgart, Germany

Great for families

Overall 10

We stayed with the Ecoteer project for a week in September 2014, as part of a six-week holiday in Malaysia, and really enjoyed our time there. We went as a family with our 7-year-old daughter, and for her it was one of the highlights of our trip to Malaysia, as she was able to move around the volunteer house and surroundings fairly freely, met local kids, and all the staff and volunteers made a real effort to include her in activities and spend time with her. We stayed at the volunteer house, were we had a little private section to ourselves; the accommodation is pretty basic, but clean and functional; it's also probably as close as we got to the way a lot of Malaysians in rural areas live. The activities were fun, particularly meeting the local children and doing research snorkeling, and it was wonderful to be accepted so easily into the local community. The Malaysian dinners, where you go to private homes for a traditional meal, were particularly memorable.

18 years old


Overall 10

We had a great time at the perhentian islands! And where very sad to leave after two weeks. The people from the island are amazing, so friendly and the children are so engaged in learning from the volunteers. The programme is so diverse from mural painting to snorkel trips, teaching Eco tourism and gardening. As well as educating the village people and sharing your skills to improve lives, and also educate yourself in various fun lessons such as making donuts (an eating them) with the PiLA ladies and becoming involved in there lives. The island is beautiful; so after teaching children who almost become friends, everybody can go together to the jetty to make the famous 'jetty jump'. Volunteering at the perhentian islands really was a special experience. To bond with the local people, having dinner in family homes and to share education about cultures and the environment. You become enriched. As well as the island people we made very good friends with the staff and other volunteers and enjoyed havin BBQs at the beach on an evening. The perhentian village really was a wonderful experience and we hope to return !

18 years old
Vienna, Austria

Great week on perhentian

Overall 10

I was very happy during my time on perhentian. The ecoteer staff was really friendly, supportive and believed in what they were doing. They try to give as much background information on the social situation of the locals, and helped us to get in touch with them so that afterwards we could understand their values and culture better. This is something that a normal tourist could not get. Other than that we were accommodated in an authentic malay wooden house, which I really enjoyed!
I can recommend this program to everybody who is looking for a volunteering activity with cultural elements and a picturesque setting.

31 years old
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 days of Amazing Natures and People

Overall 10

I love that we get to interact with the village people(the children were AMAZING!!!). The food was so good I manage to gain weight despite there was so much physical activity. We have the opportunity to talk with the school children about the importance of conserving the health of the sea(some of the children even thought us a lesson or two), we paint a mural for the school library and we learned how to prepare traditional food from the ladies of PILA. And the Jetty Jump was EPIC...I have never been so scared but yet so EXCITED to do something. It was wonderful and I hope to go there again soon.

How can this program be improved?
The room they prepare for us to stay is poorly maintained. Maybe if they can just do a little bit of sprucing up(cleaner and functional toilet, secure door, and of course clean mattress)
23 years old
Leeds, United Kingdom
Leeds Metropolitan University

Simply awesome

Overall 10

I volunteered for a week and I had a great time in Pulau Perhentian. We taught 9 years old kids how to create e-mail account, how to send mails to forward and attaching pictures in mail. Then we did beach cleanups. We also learned how to make kuih and it was great! Then we went for traditional Malay dinner and the food was amazing. Besides that, we painted school library. We also taught English to village ladies. They were so enthusiastic. We also had awareness program about protecting and conserving marine life. Finally, we went for snorkeling tour, the Ecoteer members helped me throughout the tour because i am not a good swimmer. I managed to swim and look around beautiful corals, turtles and various fishes with the help of Ecoteer members. To put it in a nutshell, it was a great experience!

31 years old

super amazing

Overall 10

never done anything more amazing and more wonderful than this. english club with the children was fantastic, pastry making with the locals is a special experience, and the snorkling tour is simply unforgettable!

How can this program be improved?
have more of the locals involved
18 years old
Northampton, England

Amazing Two Weeks

Overall 10

I spent two weeks with Ecoteer on the Perhentian Islands and I had an amazing time. Taking part in a range of activities I wouldn't be able to do at home, meeting new people and being able to look around the islands sums up the fortnight. Everyone I met was fun and friendly and the activities were varied. The atmosphere was laid back but all activities were still completed and done so to a proper standard. I had a great time, particularly liked the snorkelling.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing in particular, I had a really good time. Inevitably there were some activities I enjoyed more than others but I wouldn't have changed anything.

About The Provider

Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures is a travel company with a bite!

Our team are all experienced and passionate, with two of our project staff currently studying for their PhD and a third planning to. Our business model utilizes revenue generated from voluntourism to establish self-sustaining conservation and community projects. The projects contribute to the local economy through services rendered. The Perhentian project in 2016 led 7 hours of school clubs per week each week, converted 3t of organic waste into compost and contributed 30% of volunteer fees which was RM95,678 directly into the Perhentian village economy, while another 40% was used for other project expenses. We are working with the marine parks in Perhentian to co-manage the islands and set up a fully equipped research station.

We manage over 25 school and university expeditions and service trips each year for universities, grammar schools and international school students throughout Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are a social enterprise travel company with a proven track record, but we have only just laid our foundations, now the real work begins. Please join us on our quest.

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