Perhentian Eco Education Project

1 to 4 weeks
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About This Program

The Ecoteer House Project is unique in Malaysia. The aim of the project is to spread environmental awareness among the village children, adults and the tourists while improving their English. Your participation will support the local economy and help the local Ladies Group - Perhentian Islands Ladies Association.

You live in a traditional Malay village on the paradise islands of Perhentian. During the standard week you will assist with three school clubs - Computer, English and Environmental Club.


  • Help build lessons and run Eco School Clubs
  • Help raise awareness and clean up beaches
  • Enjoy local homestay meals
  • Explore the Island's beautiful beaches

Volunteers arrive at Safe Park Holidays on Monday and take a boat transfer to the village. The day begins with briefing and orientation, a tour of the village, and a water confidence session, followed by dinner and a marine presentation.

Throughout the week, volunteers will participate in various activities including preparing lesson plans and teaching the English club, jungle trekking, beach cleanups, light construction work, and community development. Your typical day at Ecoteer House might start with house or mural painting, eco snorkel briefings for tourists, lesson planning for our three weekly School Clubs or conducting a beach clean.

Through community tourism, environmental awareness and community interaction, we aim to teach and support the islanders to care for their islands whilst offering volunteers first-hand experience of community life in a traditional Malaysian village.

Volunteers also gain experience in the classroom teach groups of ten to twenty young children (generally ages six to ten), doing various DIY jobs, composting or managing the Recycling Competition. The School Clubs include Roots and Shoots clubs. Fuze keeps doors open in the afternoon to give students the opportunity to stop in and learn with our volunteers. There are endless ways to inspire and teach these children, with no teaching experience required! We are looking for bright, fun and creative people to work with and inspire the students around them.

The volunteering activities run from morning until evening with a lunch break in between. For volunteers staying longer than one week, Sundays are usually free days.

On off days, volunteers can enjoy relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer (ranking 13th in the world). Take a surf lesson, snorkel, or simply soak up the sun.

What's Included
  • Dorm accommodation
  • Return boat transfer from Kuala Besut
  • Weekly snorkeling tours, kuih making sessions, and Malay dinners.
What's Not Included
  • International/Domestic Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Some meals

Dorm-style accommodation is provided in the volunteer house and includes cold showers, Western-style toilets, lockers, and bunk beds. Kitchen facilities, laundry, and WiFi can be found nearby for volunteer use at specific times.


Volunteers can sample local delicacies and Malay cuisine at restaurants and food stalls. Once weekly, the ladies from the village will welcome you into their homes for a traditional Malay dinner with their families.

Food is an important part of Malaysian culture and you will be able to sample various delicacies at local restaurants and food stalls in addition to sharing some communal cooking and dining with fellow volunteers. For a true taste of Malaysian cooking you will enjoy one meals per week with a local family who will welcome you into their home.

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Simply awesome

I volunteered for a week and I had a great time in Pulau Perhentian. We taught 9 years old kids how to create e-mail account, how to send mails to forward and attaching pictures in mail. Then we did beach cleanups. We also learned how to make kuih and it was great! Then we went for traditional Malay dinner and the food was amazing. Besides that, we painted school library. We also taught English to village ladies. They were so enthusiastic. We also had awareness program about protecting and conserving marine life. Finally, we went for snorkeling tour, the Ecoteer members helped me throughout the tour because i am not a good swimmer. I managed to swim and look around beautiful corals, turtles and various fishes with the help of Ecoteer members. To put it in a nutshell, it was a great experience!

Yes, I recommend
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super amazing

never done anything more amazing and more wonderful than this. english club with the children was fantastic, pastry making with the locals is a special experience, and the snorkling tour is simply unforgettable!

How can this program be improved?
have more of the locals involved
Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Two Weeks

I spent two weeks with Ecoteer on the Perhentian Islands and I had an amazing time. Taking part in a range of activities I wouldn't be able to do at home, meeting new people and being able to look around the islands sums up the fortnight. Everyone I met was fun and friendly and the activities were varied. The atmosphere was laid back but all activities were still completed and done so to a proper standard. I had a great time, particularly liked the snorkelling.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing in particular, I had a really good time. Inevitably there were some activities I enjoyed more than others but I wouldn't have changed anything.
Yes, I recommend

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