Orangutan, Elephant & Turtle Conservation Volunteer Project in Malaysia

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The first ever, experience a combination of Orangutan, Elephant and Turtle Conservation Project with Malaysia Cultural Experience at one go. A unique exploration you only get here.

Malaysia is blessed with thousands of natural flora and fauna. We are fortunate to host many types of wild animals for example orangutans, elephant, sea turtle, tigers, sun bears and the list goes on. On the hand, it is unfortunate many of these species are on IUCN Red List Critically Endangered facing the fate of extinction mainly due to loss of habitat, pollution, and illegal poaching.

It is very important for the public and private sectors to have the initiatives to protect these animals to prevent them from going into extinction. This project works on conservation with NGO and government agencies.

The unique project offers you to participate in the 3 different conservation projects at one go where you may not have the chance elsewhere in the world to have such a good opportunity.

Program Highlights
  • Exclusive and highly valued experience combining 3 different conservation projects in a trip
  • Endless travel options for weekend; volunteers can explore UNESCO Heritage Sites Penang or Melaka, the beautiful Island such as Redang Island or go further to Borneo for jungle trekking
  • Get very close yet a safe distance with these beautifully cute animals
  • Making new friendship and learning about different cultures in particular Asian traditions and customs
  • Program fees include 24/7 in-country support, airport pick-up, program orientation, volunteer placement, accommodation, meals.

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