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Help organize a famous cultural festival in the Mexican town of Malinalco. Because of its colonial character, Malinalco is one of the "Pueblos Mágicos" (Magic towns). For the last five years the "Day of the Dead" has been a pretext for young people from Malinalco’s different neighborhoods to build and develop artistic and cultural activities in an environment free of violence, substance consumption, enhancing the meaning of community. Through the years, this day, as well as the preparations that take place during previous months, have become famous as the “Recorrido al Mictlán”, (Journey to Mictlán).
With this years sixth emission the participation of many more communities is expected. To be able to carry out this initiative, we invite volunteers to participate in the preparations leading to the "Recorrido al Mictlán" and the parade that will run through some of the Malinalco neighborhoods on October 31, integrating more than 3,500 people!

  • Be part of the Day of the Dead celebration and its preparations from the perspective of the community with the possibility of sharing family intimacy and the centennial tradition.
  • Get access to knowledge about the cultural practices around the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and access to the community experience of this tradition.
  • Skills for the development of social violence prevention programs at community level.
  • Craft development skills such as giant puppets, torches, costumes, and masks.


During a comprehensive accompaniment project we work with people from marginalized neighborhoods to promote the development of their psychosocial skills throughout the year. The “Recorrido al Mictlán” allows us to strengthen the training process and ensure positive recognition by the rest of the community. The preparation and realization of the festival itself generates experiences of significant interaction between groups and diverse people. Each workshop and each meeting, is an opportunity to lower the barriers, identify with each other and conceive ourselves as actors of a common project.

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