Essaouira Workcamp 2014 1st

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Essaouira Workcamp 2014
1st : August 01 - August 15, 2014 ; 2nd : August 16 - August 30, 2014
This project will take place in a Child Centre ,the volunteers will do two kinds of work :
Animation of children and organize workshops according to the capacities and creativity of the volunteers
Do pedagogical frescos inside and outside of the Centre
Logement et nourriture
The participants will stay in the Centre , the volunteers will be in charge of meals the volunteers will required to take with them some special menu and drinking from your country to present it durint the international party
Accomodation and Food
The participants will stay in a youth centre, some volunteers will be in charge of meals.The volunteers will required to tkae with them some special menu from your country and drinking to present during the international party .
Language : French and English
Location : Essaouira is a beautiful, but rather small town situated at the At

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