Cross-Cultural Solutions: Girls' and Women's Empowerment

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Cultural, political, and economic challenges disproportionately impact girls and women. When you improve access to education, healthcare, and resources for a woman, you start a ripple effect that strengthens the entire community. Experience first-hand how empowering girls and women can lead to long-term economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

When a girl stays in school, it creates improved economic opportunities and reduces rates of teen pregnancy and child marriages. When women are provided with economic opportunities, it translates into stronger, healthier families and communities. Your volunteer work to provide education opportunities, assist microfinance and development opportunities, and support victims of violence will create lasting change and empowerment to the amazing women and girls who will transform their families and communities.

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A Change of Self

Volunteering in India was one of the most rewarding and life changing times of my life. For one, the international travel experience and then the opportunity to meet similar volunteers from all over the world, and also host families and staff was so educational and culturally expanded my ideals. While there I had the opportunity to volunteer at the local hospital, help at a local school with computer education, and women's studies since I was in a rural area.

These memories are something that I will carry the rest of my life, and always share about the rewarding experience this opportunity provided me.

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It is very difficult in this day and time to save that amount of money again.
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An Experience of a Lifetime

CCS Morocco Program: The CCS Morocco team was committed to making sure we experienced three program components each day: volunteerism, cultural emersion and vacation free time. Each and every day was filled with these three components. I volunteered during the first part of the day and then participated in the CCS cultural emersion sessions where we learned the history and cultural of Morocco, Arabic, and how to cook Moroccan food. We also went sightseeing and were fortunate to have as our guide a CCS Program Director who was a subject matter expert in history - what a unique experience!
Volunteer Assignments: The CCS Morocco team has estabished relationships with a number of organizations serving children, women, youth and others in need of help. Based on your interests and skills you are assigned to play an impactful, hands-on role serving those in need. I, along with several other volunteers, operated the children's activity center at the Children's Hospital in Rabat. I played games, led arts and crafts, and gave/received lots of hugs and kisses each day with patients and their siblings. I also had the opportunity to spend time with the Moms and Dads of several of the young patients, providing a little relief and distraction for them. I also spent 4 days teaching English at the Women's Center. I was so inspired by all of my students and their desire to learn.
Vacation Time: I was able to travel to Casablanca, Marrakesh, Merzouga where I rode a camel and slept out in the desert.
CCS Morocco Staff: The staff was incredibly professional and friendly. I felt very relaxed the entire time and was constantly learning something new and exciting.Other Volunteers: A diverse group of volunteers - college students, families, seniors, professionals, etc. It was great to meet and work with them! An experience of a lifetime!

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