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Local market visit.
Visit to Bagamoyo District Hospital
Women's support group for AIDS patients in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.


The healthcare organizations operating in each of our partner communities don't just provide medical services. They educate, engage, connect, and rally people around some of the most pervasive issues. Many of the people, you’ll encounter during your time volunteering abroad live with limited access to the most basic health resources. You may work with physicians, administrators, support staff, patients, or families to improve morale and quality of life for countless individuals. Whether your volunteer service takes you out into the community, to a local clinic, or to a hospital room bedside, the love and attention that you offer can bring a smile to the faces of patients and their families, and for many, that makes all the difference in the world. In addition CCS will be spearheading multiple public health projects including vision screening for children, oral health campaigns and the promotion of hygiene in schools.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Trip of a Lifetime

I absolutely loved this program! The CCS staff are wonderful and make you feel at home. The homebase was comfortable, clean, had good security, helpful and friendly staff, and food was very good! My co-volunteers were great fun, and we enjoyed each other's company.

I volunteered with UKUN, an AIDS outreach NGO in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Daily work with UKUN included home visits to check on and care for AIDS patients, hospital visits with patients, home improvement projects for patients, and educational work with staff, patients and healthcare workers. It was an incredible experience! The relationships I developed through this NGO will last a lifetime, and I carry the patients I worked with in my heart always.

Tanzania as a country to visit is great! For the most part, people are friendly and welcoming, and there is so much to see in the country! As with anywhere, you have to be mindful that you are a traveler, and there are those that may try to take advantage of that situation.

What would you improve about this program?
Better computer access. We had one computer to share amongst 12 people. Another computer, or available wifi would have been very helpful.
Yes, I recommend this program

Life Changing Experience

A close friend and I went to Guatemala with CCS in the summer of 2009 as health interns in the four week program. At the time I was a Pre-Nursing major (now I am in nursing school) and I wanted to get experience in health care outside of the United States. As soon as your register, CCS is constantly preparing you for the trip with online tutorials and preparation packages. I understand safety is a concern, but CCS and the Guatemalan home base staff make sure that you are taken care off. Off the plane you are met with the home base driver with a large CCS sign and other people in the program are most likely arriving when you are. Arriving at the home base, which is completely walled and gated off from the street, you immediately feel at home with an open arm welcome from the Guatemalan director, Virginia. During my stay she was like a second mother. She actually lives right next door to the home base so whatever happens she'll be there. According to your interest you indicated while registering, you get placed in an in city location for the weekday mornings as a volunteer. I was a health intern so I was placed in a public health clinic in the center of Guatemala City. My weekday schedule consisted of everyone getting into the van and getting dropped of at their placement, getting picked up before lunch, and after lunch at the home base, we would have some program that would further expose us to Guatemalan culture. These after lunch programs consist of field trips to museums, salsa lessons at the house, Spanish lessons, etc.
What I appreciated most about volunteering with CCS is that you get an equal balance of volunteer work and play time. I loved my volunteer placement. I was able to do things, give injections, perform papsmears, and so many other medical tasks, that my education would not allow me to do yet in the States. It gave me such confidence and experience that upon entering nursing school, I knew what I was doing. Aside from placement, the whole weekend is for you to plan. You can decide to go anywhere and Virginia can help you get there. During my stay, I went to Tikal and saw the famous temples, went ziplining through the jungles, spent a few nights in Antigua, went to the beaches of Montevideo, climbed an active volcano, and saw many other places in Guatemala. You get the opportunity to do the tourist attractions as well as give back to their community. Of course when you travel as a tourist, certain precautions need to be taken but they are no different than traveling in any other country. Volunteering with CCS has made such a lasting impression on my life. Three years later, I find myself still reflecting on my experiences and thinking of a time when I can go back.