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This summer, immerse yourself in a meaningful adventure - travel with purpose, gain a deeper insight into a community, have an impact and change your life.

You can join International Volunteer HQ, the world’s largest and safest volunteer abroad organization, in 50+ destinations around the world. IVHQ’s top-rated and flexible programs are the most affordable and trusted way to give back abroad on your alternative summer break.

As an IVHQ volunteer, you’ll be joining the world's largest network of volunteer travelers and gain exclusive access to superior pre-departure training and expert support.

You’ll spend your summer stepping outside your comfort zone, making new friends from around the world, experiencing new cultures and adventures, all while contributing your skills and interests to local communities abroad. It’ll be a life-changing experience, that will shape your future.

Check out our 4 recommendations below, or head to IVHQ to see the full range of options.

  • Most affordable with fees from $180 - low cost and high quality programs
  • Summer volunteer abroad opportunities for high school and college students
  • IVHQ is perfect for solo travelers, or you can travel with your friends or family
  • 200+ projects to choose from, meaning you can give back on a range of worthwhile projects, including Childcare, Teaching English, Medical and Healthcare, or Wildlife
  • IVHQ programs are available in Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe the Caribbean and Pacific.

COVID-19 Update: IVHQ Programs In 30+ Countries Now Open!

IVHQ's world-leading volunteer programs have reopened in more than 30+ countries with additional health and safety measures in place. Thanks to IVHQ's flexible booking policy, it's free to change your dates, volunteer program or destination if your plans change.

Questions & Answers

Hi Salma, Great to hear that you're interested in volunteering and that your parents are supporting your trip! IVHQ Volunteers must be 18 years or older to participate on our programs. However, if you are volunteering as part of a group with one of (or both of) your parents, a guardian or other family member who is 18 years or over, you would be eligible to participate. Otherwise, If you're due to...

Hi Eesha, As long as you travel with a parent, guardian or family member who is 18 years or over, you are eligible to participate on one of our programs! When you apply, it is important that you include the name of your family member on your application, so that our local team can ensure you are placed with your sister. Jordan IVHQ Community Manager

Hi Sarah! Children volunteering as part of a group with adult minders, or with a parent, guardian or family member who is 18 years or over, are eligible to participate on an IVHQ program. When a volunteer under the age of 18 applies to volunteer with IVHQ, it is important that the name of their minder is noted on their application, so we know that they are eligible to volunteer and our local team...


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Yes, I recommend this program

Giving Back

The summer I volunteered will forever be one that I will keep close to heart. Deciding to open myself to adventure and to the world, I signed myself up with IVHQ to volunteer in Tanzania, Africa for three weeks. For six months, I was slowly counting down the days with hopeful anticipation to what awaited for me to experience across the globe. Once I had finally arrived and started to work in the orphanage, I felt so happy and blessed to be able to help and give back to the community. At my placement, I would play with the children aged between four to six and teach alongside the teacher with basic english and arithmetics. The children were so happy even though they had so little and consequently, they became my teachers. They had taught me a valuable life lesson : happiness is not found in the material world, but through your experiences with the world around you.

What would you improve about this program?
I feel like this program was excellent and hit all the checkmarks on my list.
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Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Bianca, Thanks for sharing. “Happiness is not found in the material world, but through your experiences with the world around you” - what a beautiful lesson to learn! It has been our pleasure to have you as an IVHQ volunteer and we would love to welcome you again in the future.

Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana Trip

I went to Ghana for the first time when I was 19 years old. I had never traveled abroad by myself and never to a country as daunting as Ghana. Needless to say, I was terrified! It was during the hight of the Ebola outbreak (which never reached Ghana) and everyone in my family thought I was crazy. Spending 2 months in Africa, with no one I know. I thought I was crazy too. But I took that first step and applied. Now I have been back for another 2 month trip and am planning my 3rd trip back to Ghana this coming summer. Within a week, I fell in love with the kids and the country. I have never been the same and know that I will never forget all that I did and saw when I traveled through IVHQ Ghana.

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Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Meadow, Thank you for deciding to travel to Ghana when others decided to cancel. We applaud your bravery and find it heart-warming that you are planning your third trip back. Thanks for being an IVHQer!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My wonderful summer in Argentina

IVHQ linked me to an elderly home in Villa Allende, a village in Argentina. Four weeks of my summer vacation I spend working with elderly. At the end of the project I felt that real friendships were made. This project made me realize how important and fulfilling it is to do community work, something I really appreciate about IVHQ. Next to the community project, IVHQ arranged a wonderful place to stay. The program managers and the people working at the volunteer house were so helpful and kind. Thereby, living together with all the volunteers was amazing and contributed to make my summer an unforgettable one!

What would you improve about this program?
The only comment I could possibly think of is that dinner lacks vegetables sometimes. This might sound a little picky, but I am very insisting on eating my vitamins as I am working out a lot. However, problem could be fixed by preparing vegetables for lunch.
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Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Hester, We are stoked that you had an unforgettable summer in Argentina! Thanks for being and IVHQer and we would love to have you join another program in the future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

IVHQ Sri Lanka - The Most Affordable Adventure

I decided to partake in IVHQ Sri Lanka's teaching program for 6 weeks as my first big adventure away from home and easily fell into new friendships, different experiences and a delightful taste of the culture all around the country. The program blew my expectations out of the water. The accommodations are brilliant, the food is delicious and the coordinators are very helpful and enjoyed helping to make the most out of my stay. Over the weeks, I taught English, worked at an orphanage for children with disabilities, and renovated several temples. My projects included accommodations in Hill Country, Kandy and Sigiriya, and the program allowed enough flexibility for me to try a different project every week. A applaud the company's loyalty to their volunteers and suggest that the coordinators organize themselves more through communication, as sometimes information was unnecessarily vague. All in all, I enjoyed my time I Sri Lanka thanks to IVHQ's affordable program. If it wasn't for the affordability, I wouldn't have been able to jump into the most exciting and impactful summer of my life.

What would you improve about this program?
This program could be improved by polishing the organization and communication between coordinators and allowing for a more detailed itinerary of what to expect before project begins.

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Response from International Volunteer HQ - IVHQ

Hi Meghan, We are so glad that you had an exciting and unforgettable time on the program in Sri Lanka. It is our pleasure to help facilitate this for your and we will be sure to take your feedback on board. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and we hope to see you on another IVHQ program in the future!