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When you volunteer on a construction project with Projects Abroad, your will be helping in developing a community in need. Poor infrastructure, like roads, hospitals, and schools, are a huge deterrent to a community improving itself. You can help provide the extra hands to make a difference.

Your will learn how to build walls, apply plaster, mix mortar, lay blocks, and more, and contribute to projects like building schools, libraries, and homes. This also may involve beautifying things. Trips run all year round.

The projects allow participants to become more immersed in the community's culture, while gaining an understanding of their needs. You can learn new skills while teaching your hosts new ones. Your cross-cultural knowledge will be greatly improved!

Below is a list of all the countries on our site that offer construction and building projects. Click on the link to learn more about each project.

Ghana: Help construct or renovate buildings, do landscaping, painting or improve classrooms.

Jamaica: You can help build toilet facilities, renovate homes, and rebuild structures destroyed by disaster.

South Africa: Participate in building a community center, or use eco-bags to help with reliable, eco-friendly structures.

Tanzania: Working alongside local builders, you will learn skills and participate in constructing schools or community buildings.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Building Project- Kathmandu

I flew into Nepal with much excitement and very few nerves having been well prepared and briefed on what to expect in Kathmandu by Projects Abroad. I was warmly welcomed into my host families house by my host parents Ram and Mina as well as 13 other volunteers. It was amazing to have so many people to introduce you to the way of life in Nepal, how to best get around the city, a few words in Nepali as well as helping you out on the build site.
Work was physically challenging however our onsite coordinator was amazing in looking after our general well being as well as aiding communications between the local staff (engineers, painters, masons etc) and the volunteers. The work was very varied, volunteering for 3 months I was able to see the project in its many stages. Music was always playing to keep us pumped up as we demolished, moved rubble, mixed cement, lay bricks, painted and sanded.
Weekends were always busy with plenty of temples, markets and gardens to see around Kathmandu as well as being able to enjoy weekend trips away to the jungles of Chitwan or the lakeside city Pohkara. The volunteer community built by Projects Abroad meant that there was no shortage of people to meet and travel with, it was incredible being able to live and work alongside people from over 10 countries. Projects Abroad ensured that you felt comfortable and safe whilst keeping you busy for the entire trip and I could not recommend joining one of their trips more highly.

What would you improve about this program?
I feel that instead of having a one hour lunch break, our work may have been more productive if we had a 15 minute break earlier in the day and a 45 minute lunch break slightly later to make better use of our break time.
Response from Projects Abroad

Dear Fiona. Thanks for sharing! Indeed, Building projects are physically challenging, which is why we do have the one-hour lunch break, so volunteers that are not used to such work can take a long enough break. Volunteers' safety is our number one priority!
It's great to hear you had such a good time with your host family as well as your fellow volunteers from around the world.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Program!

I worked in a school for 2 months and I built a school for the other 2 months. I suffered from homesickness which the team at Projects Abroad helped me with, I was in the Hills in Ghana and every Wednesday was Quiz night - It was a sociable and exciting event which helped take my mind off missing home and really immersing myself into the Ghanaian culture. I would recommend this to everyone!

What would you improve about this program?
The only problem was that the school in which I was placed left me alone in charge of a class of 30 year 3's. Having never taught before I found this extremely stressful and upsetting, Projects Abroad did not help too much with this, but allowed me to change my program to building.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Beautiful Senegal

I arrived in Senegal a sixteen year old high school student with some French fluency and a lot of jet-lag. I don't think I really knew what I was getting myself into, but once I got outside of the airport and met the Projects Abroad representative who would take me from Dakar to St.-Louis, I was over my initial fear.

After spending less than a day with my host family, their one-story cinder-block house felt like home. My host family welcomed me with open arms, and soon I was spending the evenings drawing pictures and doing basic ballet with the kids.

My placement was wonderful. The 'initiation' on the first morning (given in both French and English) helped us arriving volunteers find our way around downtown, including where to change our money, go for a swim, or even buy Nutella if we got really homesick. That afternoon, I began my volunteer work, renovations on a small daara (a school room and dormitory for the Talibé religious students). I worked with around 20 other high schoolers from France, Britain, and Canada, and we came to be good friends over our two week stay.
In the mornings, I had French lessons with a Senegalese French teacher- there was only one other girl in my class, and we learned so much.

The weekend excursion in the middle of my two-week stay was a trip to the desert, where I got very sunburned, went on a camel ride, and had a great time (despite the midnight rainstorm.)

Overall, my experience in Senegal was amazing and unforgettable. I left with a much better understanding of real life in developing nations- its complexities, its problems, its joys, and especially the deep commonalities people share across the world. As soon as I got home, I made my parents promise that I would be allowed to go back (hopefully for a month!) I can't wait.

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