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As the name suggests, the childcare volunteering program is completely dedicated for the welfare and development of unfortunate children. Volunteering Solutions provide placements at orphanages, street children homes, and various other childcare centers under the childcare volunteering program. These projects are highly challenging and rewarding at the same time. Volunteers will have to spend quality time with the kids at the center while playing games with them, helping them with their studies, teach them basic ethics of life, give them the much needed love and affection, encourage them to have goals in life and work enthusiastically to achieve them.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing time in South Africa

In April 2015 my adventure started. I was really ecxited to go to South Africa to make new experiences with a different culture and living standard.
I worked in a kindergarden for nine weeks. It was such an amazing time I never wanna miss.
On my first day when I came into class all the kids came to me and said 'teacher, teacher!', 'Hello, who are?' It was a great feeling to see how open-hearted the children are.
But there was one child who was withdrawn and quiet. So I decided to spend her more attention. After a while she talked much more and played with other kids, too. Her insecurity and and all her worries were reduced. To see such a development is still a unique experience for me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering Solutions Review - 2014

-Volunteering in Southafrica, cape town -
My dream at the age of sixteen girl, being in southafrica and teaching there.

Seven years later, I couldnt believe it. I am in South Africa :D
Its is so beautiful- people, food, sun, landscape..everything.
In my volunteerhouse, there were amazing people from everywhere. We spend breakfast and evening together. Noel, our father in our volunteer house, he is an amazing man. I learn about life so much. He is inspiring me for my life. I am so glad that I met him in my life.

My work at the ellerton primary school, it was a amazing experience. It change my view of life completly. How?
Me as a eritrean- german girl, who raised up in germany and who is origin from eritrea, could understand my life in germany over there.
Seeing girls at the age of twelve or thirteen and they doing their hair each other, my heart flourished!
Back in the days, I always wish that black girls like me are in my school. But I didnt get that. Seeing 10 years later, in southafrica, it was an amazing feeling. THIS IS WHAT I LOOKED FOR :D
At the same time, I saw that children have many problems for getting education. School money, money for studying at the university, money for themselves- the oppurtunity what I have in germany, its incomprehensibly.

Another beautiful experience is, how beautiful the kidz are. One situation, I will never forget in my life.
I : What you write it down?
The boy: I write NIKE.
I: Oh, nike. cool. Do you like Adidas, Puma, too?
I: What is wrong?
Girl : We call it PuuuuMa. Not Puma. Beacuse puma means, go away.
ThEn, I Laughed.
After two weeks, one of the girls give me a cut out paper like a shoe and write abouve it: Puma.
Miss, this is your gift from our class.
I laughed the whole time. They steal my heart <3

I loved it teaching in this class. Being there. And I really appreciated everyone. People in the volunteer house and People in the school.


What would you improve about this program?
sometime the volunteer house, there were too much people there. It was a lil bit not enough place.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Chills down down my spine

When I was on my way to the voluntary house, I got chills down down my spine because I had no idea what awaited me, no idea what the real India looks like except from the pictures and movies that are popular in my country.

India is not for the weak, that's what people always said, it's famous for the dogs, beggar, trash scattered on the ground and all the negative things that I believe you already heard about India. It's true, well some of it, but WAIT don't suddenly packed up your bag, reschedule your ticket and flew back home to your country yet just after only a day and you think that you had enough. That's a big mistake, a really big one. Give it a chance, let yourself immerse in the hustle and bustle of Indian life. Because I will promise you that it will be one of the best trip in your life that you will never forget.

I was volunteering as a couple for Street Children program and it was such an amazing experience for us, the kids were so lovely, and we were amazed on how good they are in english despite their circumstances. The days went by full of joys and happiness. We taught them drawing and english and in return they taught us how to sing and dance.

The staff were also very nice and friendly, they made us feel like home, surrounded by family. But, indeed they are our new family. And we will never forget them.

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Yes, I recommend this program

India Living

I made very close friends while on this trip in India. I loved the elephants and seeing the magnificent sights. The children in Delhi were adorable, lovable, and thankful. The group leaders were orderly and I felt extremely safe! I think it was definitely worth the visit.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Working with children in Cuzco

I absolutely adore children and teaching so we decided that working in the kindergarten for the street children would be a great place to devote our time! It was so great working with so many sweet little kids they were so great and loved learning! I especially loved the play time with them it was so great! I also loved that we got to stay with a host family. They helped us to understand their way of life so we could connect on a better level with the children!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

Volunteering solutions are a fun and supportive company that allow you to make a difference to children's lives who really need our help. I took part in the street children project last year in India. The children lived in very poor conditions but still had a big smile on their face and happy to learn. I met some very inspirational children and completed workshops on building self esteem as well as educating the children in s fun and engaging way. My house keeper was very friendly and welcoming and a great cook! I met some amazing people!

What would you improve about this program?
The programme was amazing however the one improvement I would make would be the amount of volunteers. I know this isn't directly volunteering solutions downfall, however I was the only volunteer on my project but either way i had an amazing time and would recommend them.
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Response from Volunteering Solutions

Hello Yasmin,

Glad to read your review about our India program, it is wonderful to hear that you loved your experience. We aim to provide constant flow of volunteers to all our projects, so the support is ongoing.

Appreciate your input on this.

Thanks and look forward to having you on our programs again.

Team Volunteering Solutions

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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome and eye opening experience of a lifetime!

I went to India with Volunteering Solutions over my Summer break in 2015. I went alone and met with a small group of ten others from around the world. We were able to experience a whole different world together and see so much of India! It was organized very well and we were safely transported to each destination by the organization. The kids in Delhi were gorgeous and an inspiration to each of us. The sightseeing was also incredible! Definitely a way to get out of your comfort zone and experience something new.

What would you improve about this program?
More activities or things for the volunteers to do after their days of volunteering at the schools. The Palumpur location needs some help the transportation was not provided and the schools were not welcoming.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Delhi Times

When I arrived in India, I was a little shocked because I was on Asia for the first time... I didn't now what to expect once; I didn't know what was gonna be the work with the Children, etc.

But once I met the children I fall in love with them. I realize that children in Mexico and India, they are pretty the same.. they have such a sweet inocence, and they really see you as an example to be.

I realize that indian children are very grateful for working with them, playing with them...

I remember that the last day on the school they cried because we were leaving India, and we were leaving them. I think We really made empathy each other.. we forgot all the physical, cultural, national differences, we were just humans talking with humans.

I deffinetly can go a thousand times to Delhi again just to have a nice time with them. I had a lot of fun but beyond that I learned a lot...

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe the food. I know that is part of the experience to try the local food, but maybe its a nice idea to have some patience with the volunteers, trying neutral food.
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