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Lovely little company, host family
women empowerment
women empowerment
Pastry cooking lessons at Jossour Forum des Femmes Marocaines


If you are interested in working to improve the lives of women around the world, consider one of our projects in women's empowerment. We have a variety of ways you can contribute to the cause, listed below.

Popular Programs

Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteers working in the Girl's Education Project work in Tamale in Northern Ghana. The mission of this project is to help young disadvantaged females living in urban village around Tamale. Volunteers work in a school where the main objective is to educate the girl child in the area. Former volunteers have helped in the project substantially and have raised for the continued education and supply of essentials for the students of the school.

Volunteer in Morocco

Those who choose to volunteer for the Women Empowerment Program In Morocco would have the chance to work with women and NGOs working towards the upliftment of these women. Volunteers are involved in teaching, providing awareness on women's rights, reproductive health, land rights, domestic violence and more. Volunteering for women in Morocco is of a great importance as it can bring about a paradigm change in this gender section.

Volunteer in India

Volunteers working in the Women Empowerment program in India, work for the welfare and social development of women from poor areas, within the capital city of Delhi. All these women come from poor family backgrounds and face low or no education level. Volunteers can make a big difference in these women’s lives by sharing love and warmth with these women. These are young women from disadvantaged backgrounds who are in utmost need of support.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fullfilling women empowerment programme in Morocco

I voluntered in Rabat, Morocco , in a women empowerment programme with Jossour Forum des Femmes Marocaines.

The experience with the NGO was very fulfilling as they took a real care in matching my experience and background with their needs, they allocated a great deal of responsibility in me and also spent a significant amount of time providing their very useful insights, direction and support.

The family I was with was extremely nice, they had 2 lovely daughters I enjoyed playing with and food was delicious!

And my afternoons....the afternoons were my favourite time of the day: walking to the beach and taking surf lessons at "Rabat beach culture" at Oudayas beach, thank you teacher! :)

Daily smoothies, cheap hammans, friendly people.....
But if you are a woman on your own you should also be aware of certain limitations, such as where to go on your own, how to dress....just get ready to catch some extra attention.

I am pretty independent and a well experienced traveller, and I believe this allowed me to enjoy very much my month in Morocco. I could work in something interesting as well as relax and have fun.

I spent a lot of time on my own. I also got sick. I learnt some arabic. I discovered surf, have I already said how much I love to surf? And I also met really great people.

The only setback I think is that I have the feeling that, shouldn´t I have been that independent, I might have felt a little bit too lonely and left on my own, because the contact with volunteering solutions was limited. I was also pretty lost at first about the NGO and what my role might be, as well as what leisure time options where available. So maybe is a good idea to go there with friends. In any case, Morocco is a great sunny friendly place and I am sure you will both learn and enjoy there.

What would you improve about this program?
Create a network with the different volunteers and arrange a weekly meeting to get together and share issues, experiences and fun.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The experience of a lifetime!

My daily activities at the program included: teaching English classes, teaching computer skills, engaging with the women during beauty culture sessions and the embroidery workshops. I found that there was always a lot to do and that it was a very stimulating environment to be in. During the weekends I made use of my free time and explored the sights of Delhi, visited the Taj Mahal and had the opportunity to travel to Jaipur. There was a good balance between volunteering and time that was free to explore India.
Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome. The people that I met during my volunteering experience were the highlight of my trip, they are truly inspiring people! The staff at Volunteering Solutions ensured that at all times I felt safe, welcome and looked after. They actively went out of their way to make sure that I had a fantastic time, their kind and positive attitudes helped to provide the experience of a lifetime!

What would you improve about this program?
Slightly more information about the placement provided in the pre-departure booklet would be useful in order to allow time to collect resources and activities that could be used to aid the volunteering experiences.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The most amazing experience in the amazing Ghana

I was working in three programms in Ghana: Kpawumo Childrens Home (where I teached English and Maths in the morning and where I spent most of the time in Tamale), Tamale Childrens Home (where I helped with the baths and I fed the children in the afternoons) and Maltiti Girls School "Reading Club" (where I helped the girls to read in the evenings).
The difficultis I had to deal with in the Orphanage were that there is not an academic programm and you don't know the lever of your class before you start to teach them. Moreover, in the same class, there are differents levels and sometimes it's difficult to make the class interesting for everybody.
The things that made my work easier in the Orphanage were the excellent attitude of children, they are always ready to join theirselves in new activities. This way it's easy for the volunteer to prepare new classes and new leisure activities, because you know they will help you to do it well!
It was an amazing experience, the best in my life without doubt and I would recommend it to everyone!
You can help them and teach them some subjects, like maths or english, but sure they can teach you the most important subjects in life: generosity, happiness and teamwork.
If you're thinking about voluntary work, please don't think twice. You will not regret it!

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