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Volunteer in healthcare projects around the globe with GVI and help communities gain access to clean water, sanitation and information on a variety of health topics such as maternal health, HIV/AIDS awareness and basic nutrition. Volunteer with GVI in a variety of health projects across the globe:

  • Thailand: Help us provide stimulation and learning activities for mentally and physically disabled children. Provide further assistance with health and hygiene education in schools, care centers and community centers.
  • South Africa: Volunteer in sunny South Africa alongside an international team running educational workshops on general health and hygiene practices for child-carers, teachers, children and their parents.
  • Nepal: Communities in Nepal face critical global social issues and as a volunteer you get to provide support for people with special needs by assisting in training teachers, healthcare workers and families. Discover the spectacular mountains and landscapes in your free time.
  • India: Lead sessions, games or sport activities alongside specialist teachers, participate in vocational training, assist with the special needs children's physical and education development and take part in therapeutic activities with the local residents of a relief settlement.
  • Mexico: Work alongside Save the Children and volunteer with special needs children using horse therapy, as well as aqua and physical therapy. Discover the stunning Yucatan Peninsula in your free time.

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The land of warm hearted people

GVI Mexico Vet program volunteer trip was my first experience of such kind and I'm still full of emotions from it. Dynamic and in the same time leisurely and relaxed life of Caribbean resort Playa del Carmen, adorable nature - blue sea and sky, white sand beach, green jungle, cenotes with crustal clear water, the spirit of mysterious Mayan history and culture which You can feel all around - all it made it an unforgettable adventure!
During my month in Playa del Carmen I was volunteer at animal protection organisation "Coco's Animal Welfare". Organisation manages low cost spay&neuter clinic and several rescue programs for cats, dogs and other animals. In Mexico there are thousands and thousands of street dogs and cats who need help. Often even owners animals are in extremely bad condition, therefore Coco's works also with dogs and acts owners, visiting poor communities, creating awareness about the importance of spay and neuter and giving them advice not only how to give the best care for their pets, but also medical consultations to children and adults, education for woman, who often are illiterate, and other help. Poverty there is inconceivable and any help is important to change life of these people.
However the main thing that made this trip unforgettable were beautiful, warm hearted people, who are doing their important, amazing, awesome and incredibly work with passion, determination and perseverance.From the very first moment I felt there as in family and I was really proud to be part of this team!
I can really recommend this experience to everyone, however, it should be noted that it is not a trip for those who like comfort and convenience. You will work hard during the day and in the evening You will have intensive Spanish lessons and other training, and after that You will have to do coking, washing up, cleaning the floors and other housework. You will live ordinary Mexican life with all its problems - sometimes without hot water and electricity, with slow Internet connection and low water pressure, and public transport system is terrible. You will live in house with other volunteers, in shared bedrooms and, although everyone there is helpful and friendly, You will have to adapt yourself to others. There is no radio and TV and Internet is used mainly for work, not for entertainment.
However in spite of it all it IS worth and You will earn unforgettable experience! You will have enough time to swim in azure Caribbean sea, to visit impressive Mayan ruins, to dive with turtles and whale sharks and to sunbathe on the white sand beaches! You will learn Spanish and You will know Mexico and Mexicans much deeper than You could, if You traveled as a tourist.

How can this program be improved?
It may sound overstated but in my opinion the GVI program is close to perfect. Everything is well organised, staff is high professional, support and training for volunteers is well considered and really worthwhile. There was nothing I would like to change.
Yes, I recommend this program


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