Volunteer in a disabled centre in Kathmandu, Nepal
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Volunteer in a disabled centre in Kathmandu, Nepal

EHN has been supporting the Maitri-Griha disabled childrens centre for several years and have helped with the building of a new roof as well as covering the cost of making the building safe after the 2015 earthquakes. And we have also been placing volunteers with the centre over the years helping to take care of the children and teach them basic life skills.
What makes this placement a pure joy to volunteer in is the children themselves because the centre is like a second home and we encourage all volunteers to help keep this feeling amongst the children. Every day is different and rewarding so if you have experience with disabled children then why not come and give them a hand.

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EHN charges £12 a day + an £80 pickup and admin charge. This covers food, lodgings, airport pickup, hotels, sight seeing in Kathmandu and transportation to and from the project. All you need is spending money for extras.

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EHN was first set up in 2010 as a Nepali NGO called Experience Himalayan Nepal but in 2014 we registered as Education & Health Nepal after the two fields we want to concentrate on. And since that day And since day 1 we have been