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Promote health, reforestation, and environmental protection by learning from local agencies taking care of the environment by creating nurseries, planting trees, and protecting local water sources. Explore the tropical scenery and the diverse geography of the Coclé region in Panama. You’ll live in an area that is a hydrological reserve, which means that it’s an important source of water for the country and there are many rivers that are popular for swimming. Live with a host family and collaborate with the Panamanian Ministry of Health on your community service project. With your AMIGOS partner(s), plan and lead fun activities for kids to teach them about taking care of the environment. When you’re not working together with community members to improve the environment around you (earning 215 service hours), take a break by playing games with your host family.

You can choose to spend 4 weeks or 6 weeks in Coclé.

  • Live like a local with a host family
  • Lead daily activities for local kids
  • Collaborate with community members on an environmental project
  • Improve your Spanish through authentic cultural immersion

Questions & Answers

AMIGOS participants for our core summer programs must have at least 2 years of Spanish or the equivalent in order to be eligible for the program. We have a new Discover AMIGOS program for 13-15 year olds and a Gap Program for high school graduates up to age 25. There is no language requirement for those programs.


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I loved Mexico!

I had one of the most life changing experiences during my summer in Oaxaca. I meet amazing people in Mexico, as well as people from across the United States. I was a mediocre Spanish speaker before going to Mexico, but in those eight weeks it grew better as I communicated daily with the people around me. I went into the experience with an open mind and an open heart and it gave me one of the best memories I will ever have.

Yes, I recommend this program
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El Ciprian - My Home Away From Home

While volunteering on the Azuero, Panama Amigos project in the summer of 2010, I had the most incredible experience getting to know a beautiful group of people in an unbelievable place. From learning how to lead the school kids through activities, walking around and introducing ourselves to everyone in the community, facilitating the collection of support and work for the community center construction project, and then finally saying goodbye, I learned so much about myself and the world. It was an experience that I am ever thankful that I had, and will always remember. My host family and I still talk regularly.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Just before my senior year

This was the best program for me! I did it right before my senior year in high school, when I came back I saw the world in a whole different light! I made amazing friends and was fluent in Spanish when I got back home (when i arrived i had just completed level 2 spanish in high school). I always felt completely safe, especially the time that one of my teammates cut her hand on a knife and we were rushed to the city center and taken care of immediately!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Coclé, Panamá

I was a supervisor in 2010. There is great support from the Panamanian partnering agencies including MINSA and Panamá Verde. The volunteers are greatly supported by staff and the program is experiencing growth with national panamanian volunteers as well as additional latin american youth volunteers.

The AMIGOS program in general is amazing and any youth looking for the opportunity to expand their horizons should look into the program.

Yes, I recommend this program


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Founded in 1965, AMIGOS is the safest, most authentic volunteer and immersion program in Latin America for young people ages 13 to 22. Volunteers get the opportunity to explore a new country, learn Spanish, bond with their host family, and make a...