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African Impact Construction Programs

African Impact, along with the help of our partners, help connect volunteers with projects offering them the opportunity to assist in restoring, renovating and creating community buildings across Africa. Working alongside local community members, we aim to improve the infrastructure of the local areas and ultimately the quality of life for the people living there.

Many of our projects involve several aspects of service, and building is just a part of it. Tasks can include making bricks from cement, painting, roofing and other types of basic construction, as well as installing water-saving devices, better home access for disabled people and much, much more.

Take a look at our available construction projects below and click the link for more information:


  • Community Building & Construction: Be part of a spirited team in Anosy, Madagascar and use your energy to help build schools, construct furniture or get involved in digging a well for water. Assist communities weakened by political instability and environmental damage, while exploring some of the most extraordinary island scenery on earth.
  • Sustainable Development: Make life-changing differences in impoverished Madagascar, assisting with educational activities, sustainable livelihood projects and construction work which aims to increase food supply and household incomes in the local communities.


  • The Build-It Project, Victoria Falls: Help develop the local town of Livingstone (a stone's throw from the magnificent Victoria Falls) with innovative and self-sustaining structures. This project is unlike other, as you will be helping to create safe and sound structures for the community through ecological and self-sustaining building methods.
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