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Volunteer in Rwanda with Go Volunteer Africa and get the chance to fully immerse yourself in a new culture within communities that need your help.

Through our volunteer in Rwanda program we help to facilitate sustainable development for disadvantaged, marginalized, and poorly educated members of society by utilizing local resources and by providing them with the education and skills they need to empower themselves to be self- sufficient.

Volunteer in Rwanda program offered by Go Volunteer Africa is one of the most diverse and rewarding volunteering experiences, providing volunteers to get involved with a huge range of activities from construction, to teaching abroad and even environmental conservation. Placements could be building a school, setting up a water treatment facility, cleaning the streets or planting trees.

One of the advantages of the volunteer Rwanda program is that volunteers are not limited to one job role.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The sense of adventure was great

I went on a Go Volunteer Africa placement in Rwanda in 2019, it was amazing! I was working at a sports development project. The support I received and the experiences I had while in Rwanda were so great and will stay with me forever!

The sense of adventure was great being based a relatively long way from normal western civilization and the social side to living with other like-minded people was also a highlight.

Throughout my stay I felt sufficiently independent but had the reassuring knowledge that if anything went wrong the local team was at hand. I would love to go back if I had the chance! So I rate the organization really high.

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Yes, I recommend this program

It was a life changing experience

I spent 4 weeks in Rwanda with Go Volunteer Africa and I was able to participate in different programs. Mostly teaching English to children and working with women projects. But they also have programs with sports and young men enterprises and lots of outreach activities.

It was a life changing experience and we could connect with the communities and get to know the people who live there. For me, this was the number one reason why I loved this experience.

The children's were kind and respectful, eager to learn. So the teaching was natural and easy.

I felt home in our volunteer house living with 6 other girls and two boys. We had dinner together every day and spend weekends travelling together as well. I felt welcome by the city of Musanze and Kigali and by all the Rwandans I met.

Throughout those four weeks not only did I build an individual relationship with each and every kid but I also made so many friends in the program.

Jim, the Coordinator at Go Volunteer Africa’s offices who arranged my program in Rwanda was very supportive and making sure we got the best experience. The staff in Rwanda is extremely very helpful and I am looking forward to travel with you again in Malawi.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Everything was awesome

Musanze is an amazing place and my experience at the women’s center and with Go Volunteer Africa was incredible. It was very well organized right from the moment I signed up, Jim supported me throughout the entire experience, all of my questions were answered thoroughly and promptly and I had the experience of a lifetime.

Although I had wanted to stay in Kigali, but Jim’s offer for Musanze turned out to be the best. I stayed with a local host family for culture experience. The host mother was outstanding and really caring. The project Manager Damien helped me and the other volunteers in every aspect of our trip. He knew a lot about the area, making it easy to get around, visit the best places and shops.

During my time in Rwanda, I met a few other volunteers while I was there and we would catch up for a meal or go for swimming. GVA Rwanda is a very affordable, safe and flexible volunteering option. I would definitely recommend GVA if you are interested in a great volunteer experience in Rwanda.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Charity was great. Go Volunteer Africa was awful.

This company should be avoided. I did two, one month placements with them, and the first was in Rwanda. Astonishingly, Go Volunteer Africa retain between 50-60% of the money we pay for themselves, leaving the charities with very little to pay for living and accommodation expenses. Africa is not cheap either so the charities end up in the red! They have never visited either of the countries I volunteered with, and so have no idea about the cost of living, the charities they place you with, or the kind of experience you will have.

What they advertise about it being a fun living environment with evening activities and other volunteers is completely untrue. I was the only volunteer on both placements. They are taking the money and doing nothing for it. There is no support and no preparation for your arrival. The volunteer work itself is excellent, and I was able to create a significant impact using my business skills, whilst forming relationships that will allow me to continue to help from back home. However, you are much better off going directly to the charities. It is much better for you and for the charity itself.

Clearly, unlike places like Kenya, countries like Rwanda and Malawi are new for Go Volunteer Africa, and they are not investing the time and resources to ensure that the experience is the best it can be for the volunteers and the charities. I was completely disappointed by Go Volunteer Africa and will never use them again. It felt to me like they were taking advantage of these small charities to further their own bottom line, rather than being passionate about connecting help to these developing countries.

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