• St. Vincent and the Grenadines
43 weeks

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Small Group (1-15)


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There is a $500 enrollment fee and a program fee of $4000.

These fees along with fundraising and outreach cover your courses & training, housing, meals, visas, travel to and from the service period, health insurance during the service period and much more.

You are responsible for your travel to and from our facility, passport, and personal spending money.
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Accommodation Airfare Meals Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
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Some Activities Domestic Airfare
Feb 06, 2022
Aug 01, 2022
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About Program

Team starts April and October

This is a volunteer abroad program on global poverty and sustainable development. You will learn about the conditions of the billions of people living in poverty and how it affects their health, education, freedom, and economic opportunities.

During the first three months, you will receive training at our facility. You will learn about poverty, why it exists, and the world issues contributing to it. You will cultivate practical skills such as: gardening, cleaning water, making charcoal for cooking, etc.

For the next six months, you and your team will travel to a project in St Vincent and the Grenadines. You will work with communities to educate and empower them in the areas of education, health, and agriculture.

In the third and final one month period, your team will return to the USA and share your message with the public. You will raise awareness about the reality of poverty and what we all can do to solve it.

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Program Highlights

  • Get Certified as a Development Instructor
  • Earn a Field Work Certificate from our project partner
  • Get skills in community development

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Yes, I recommend this program

Make your Mind and Heart Flourish

During the program the main learning was the importance of accurate communication. Talking, sharing and working with people from many cultures is not easy, so having the opportunity to listen to different points of view and understanding each perspective was a big challenge and helps a lot to have an open mind and heart.
Furthermore, the preparation period in One World Center was very important to obtain all the necessary confidence to develop new ideas in the Service Period. I consider that feeling confident was the essence to fulfill my goals.

  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Healthy
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Yes, I recommend this program

Makes me Flourish

During this program some of the big learnings I obtain were the importance of accurate communication, listen to others, and look for common solutions.
Talking, sharing and working with people from many different nationalities is not easy, but trying to understand their culture and each point of view was a good challenge to gain knowledge and it was a nice opportunity to open my heart and mind.
Besides, our preparation period in the school gave us all the necessary tools to be confident enough during our Service Period. I consider that feeling comfortable throughout the program was the key for me to succeed and fulfill all my goals.

  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Healthy
  • Misunderstanding
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life changing work - unforgettable, invaluable, timelesss

I participated in a program where I completed six months in Zambia, Africa working in Project HOPE. Project HOPE was centered around battling the HIV/AIDS epidemic rampant throughout parts of the continent.

I lived in Ndola and was required to completed tasks and assignments as part of my development instructor project experience.

Now that I think about it, although I put my best foot forward, I wish that I would have even gone further to leave a greater footprint/impact on my project.

My six months preparation was not easy, we were required to fundraise, and plan, and do what was necessary to create opportunity to participate in the project.

I would reccomend these programs to anyone who truly wants to gain an insight to the developing world around him/her and would definitely recommend one world center for being a A-1 location to gain that experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A new place, but it turned out, exactly the place where I wanted to be:)

I’ve already volunteered at Richmond Vale Academy, the partner school in St. Vincent, when I got the offer do another program, but this time starting in the US at One World Center.
At first I wasn’t sure if that’s the right thing for me, but looking back, it was the best decision!
Learning and preparing at One World Center for our serving period was great, I gained way more and also different knowledge than I did the year before, when I was just on St. Vincent.
During the serving period it was very helpful to have teachers and project leaders from RVA and OWC to talk to at the same time, to get different views on some topics.
The possibility to live in the US first and then experience a life that is the complete opposite coming to St. Vincent helped to remember why I was doing this.
To learn and to gain new experience (what I definitely did!), but mostly to see how the people live, their struggles and problems and how we could work to together to improve their living conditions.
My team and me, we built home gardens and did tours in these gardens, to educate Vincentians about organic farming and why it’s more sustainable.
The work was great, we lived in the community and through the work got in contact with many people, which was probably my favorite part about the program:)

  • Meeting strangers&finding friends for life
  • Learnings gardening&permaculture, in theory and practice
  • Help to improve other peoples life’s
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Yes, I recommend this program

Growing from taking risks

After graduating from high school I knew I wanted to take a gap year and do something involved with protecting the environment while also helping people in need and being immersed in different cultures. Though I wasn’t sure how to do this or if I had what it takes to be a volunteer in a different country, I challenged myself to take a risk and get out of my bubble. Looking back now, taking that crucial step was one of the most beneficial choices I could have made.
Pushing outside comfort zone helped me to opened myself up to so much that I never knew I was capable of. During my time in St Vincent I learned about permaculture farming, built gardens and seed nurseries, mobilized people to visit and learn about gardens, and organized beach cleanups with my team. Participating in these actions allowed me to take initiative, improve my organizational and communication skills, and gain experience being a leader.
Though I learned and grew so much just by doing these actions, I also found myself experiencing growth in many other areas of my life. Through connecting with local people I learned about a new culture and new way of life that was much more open minded and supportive than what I had previously experienced in the US. Furthermore, the attitude of most people on the island was very laid back and relaxed. Being in this environment taught me to be more focused on living in and enjoying the present moment rather than being worried about the past or the future.
Overall, I greatly value my time in my program on St Vincent and would encourage others to take on the challenge of becoming a volunteer.

  • experiencing a new culture
  • helping people in need
  • having fun with my team
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Yes, I recommend this program

Exactly where I wanted to be

I finished high school in summer 2021 and I decided to make volunteer before I start studying at the university. I chose this project and it was a really good decision
After two months of gaining knowledge in the One world center in Michigan we traveled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There, we restored organic home gardens which some teams before us built. Afterwards we did garden visits to spread knowledge about organic farming on the island.
The next period was about actually building new home gardens, which was a wonderful experience and exactly what I wanted to do after school. Me and my trio built a garden for a very poor woman who had nothing, not even running water, and we changed her life for the better with the garden. Now she can save money because she doesn’t have to buy vegetables anymore and she can also sell her own and earn money. We actually gave her a base of life and food security as well – this is what I wanted to do in the project. Do actual help where it is needed.
For building the gardens we lived in the communities and that was the best part at all! We got to know the vincy culture better than we ever could in the school, we had a lot of nice talks, we did a beach cleanup with the community and gave some climate change courses for the village. And the whole village loved us.
But we didn’t work the whole time, we also did a lot of activities like visiting waterfalls, hiking on the volcano, go swimming in the night (and enjoy the glowing plankton) and early in the morning, or just after working to lay in the sun. We talked always to a lot of people,
In general you could say, that you have impressive nature if you cannot see or reach the ocean. That’s why I loved the time here also if the project wasn’t organized that good sometimes, it was the best experience I’ve ever made in my whole life. We were living in the paradise with a ton of fresh fruits that we could harvest from the trees, with people who are full of happiness even if they don’t have a lot in their life and with the best team I could imagine!

  • a lot of experiences
  • you can help where it's actually needed
  • the best way to improve your english
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Yes, I recommend this program

Be ready for personal growth

If you travel to another part of the world and dive into a completely different culture, you throw yourself out into the cold water. This might sound scary but it is exactly what you should do and what made my volunteering experience the success it was. Working in a program like this has a positive impact on the world but also on yourself. It opens your eyes to what is really going on in the world, what problems other people face, and how important it is to do something about it.

I had just graduated highschool and never travelled outside of Europe before, so my time in the Caribbean presented me many new impressions and challenges. All of them made me grow personally and learn a lot in a short period of time. The focus of my team was on working with organic farming and even though I didn't know much about the topic when I joined the program, after a few weeks I was able to teach others about it and build organic home gardens for local families.

But the knowledge is only one thing. All the experiences I got, the friendships I made and the gratitude of the people I received are probably worth even more. It fills me with joy to know that a poor woman will soon have a source of income because of the garden I built for her and to see how happy she was about that. Even though the program was only a small part of my journey, it created many lasting memories and made an impact on me and on the people I worked with.

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Yes, I recommend this program

More than just work

My name is Enrico, I'm 19 years old and from Germany. In my service period in 2022 I first went to Dowagiac, Michigan to learn about Climate Change and Global Warming. As tiring as two months of studying sounds, we had a lot of fun, working in groups on various tasks, like for example building a tower out of Spaghetti as an teambuilding exercise and working on study tasks in teams, trying to finish as fast as possible. One of my favorite parts of the program was the building weekends, at which we worked in the school on projects like preparing the organic garden for the planting in spring. Of course while blasting loud music, singing and dancing.

After the preparation period we went to SVG where our program consisted of using our knowledge, we gained, to help the people in the communities by building organic home gardens with the garden owners. But of course it was not only about building those gardens, but also about the relations we build with the garden owners. In the end of our project our team was more like a family than a team and we promised to all meet again in Germany at the end of the year. In general the life within the community was beautiful. I never met such open hearted and nice people. On your free days you can do a lot as well. For example we climbed the volcano, went bathing under waterfalls, took a trip through the tropic forest and much more. In general it is a very nice experience where you meet many new people and cultures. I can definitely say that I had a very good time.

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