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Beautiful, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, a dreamlike oriental old town with charming cafes, many restaurants and countless lovely souvenir shops, tropical rainforests with a diverse flora and fauna - Zanzibar has it all!

Choose from our various internship and volunteering options on this beautiful island, including:

* Marine conservation and turtle sancturay
* Environmental conservation and community development
* Medicine, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy internships & volunteering
* Tourism internships at tour operators and beach hotels
* Marketing and design for sustainable souvenirs
* Teaching, childcare and education
* Youth skills development and vocational training
* Tropical farming and agriculture
* Social work
* Water sports internships
* Community work and tourism development
* Veterinary internships
* Volunteering at animal shelter
* Psychology internships at Sober Houses

  • Mother Nature Conservation Camp Zanzibar: Marine turtles, Red Colobus Monkeys, reptiles, environmental education for children... at a National Park rain forest and a tropical paradise beach - our animal and nature combination project includes all of this!
  • Hospital Internships: Gain experience in tropical medicine and first hand practical experience in a different health care system
  • Tourism: Gain valuable experience for your future career in hospitality and tourism by working in a beach resort or with a local tour operator
  • Community development: develop and support projects in sustainable tourism and for local village communities
  • Marketing & Design: Help local artists to market their products and to develop ideas for new designs

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