Friends for Asia: Elephant Nursery Volunteer Project

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Volunteer abroad with elephants in Thailand with Friends for Asia! These majestic animals, sadly in the brink of extinction, are in great need of care and love, and through your help, we can make a big change in a special elephant nursery in Chiang Mai to help the youngest ones grow and develop in a nurturing environment!

You'll reside in a rustic accommodation in the middle of the jungle, rising up early to bathe these baby elephants, harvesting grass to feed them with and, why not, even fashioning them in diapers! Not only that: many local people and villagers work at our center too and are eager to learn English, so you can also help our local staff with their language skills while you're here!

This might not be a most glamorous job, but it certainly is life-changing, not only for you, the volunteer but also for the elephants who need you the most. So want to make a change in your life and for animals? This is a project for you!

  • Live in the midst of the jungle, by the sound of a river nearby, in a lodge powered by solar panels... You'll experience a whole new world
  • Help young elephants and their mamas grow in a safe environment and change their lives forever
  • Immerse yourself in Thailand's culture and work alongside villagers. You'll discover a never-before-seen face of Thailand in the jungle
  • Interact with elephants in a conservative, ethnical way

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