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FIMRC's Summer International Health Fellowship allows for an immersive summer experience for those interested in health and international development. As a summer intern, you will have the opportunity to engage in clinical and health education activities while also researching and developing a focused project.

This will allow you to deeper explore a topic of interest by expanding on current programming or developing new strategies. These programs will directly benefit the members of our Bududa community and will leave a lasting impact.

  • Clinical Activities
  • Public Health and Community Outreach
  • Focused Project Development and Implementation

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Bududa, Uganda SIHF 2018

SIHF Bududa, Uganda was the most genuine, raw, authentic experience that I have ever had and it will forever change my life. I gained so much experience in the medical and international health field and made some really amazing friends in the meantime. My favorite part was living in the village amongst the local people, to work with them, to understand them, to befriend them. It was very special and unique.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Uganda Love It

Going into this medical mission trip to Uganda, I did not know what to expect. I had been hungry to travel to Uganda for many years, and when my brother found FIMRC through a google search for medical mission trips to Africa, I knew the trip was meant to be as the registration was made easy and everything seemed to just fall into place. Ultimately, I knew that my mission was to serve God and to be His hands and feet wherever He needed me to be, but with all of my friends telling me that I was going to change the world, I thought that the difference I was going to make was going to be in the lives of the locals of rural Bududa District of Uganda. I quickly learned that I was not going to change Uganda, but that God was going to use Uganda and its people to change me.
We worked in a health clinic Monday through Thursday from 9:30am until the last patient was seen. At the clinic, we checked people in, took vitals, sat in on consultations, witnessed childbirth, worked in the lab, and helped out wherever we could.
For the first weekend, we travelled to Jinja for white water rafting on the Nile River and happened upon the Sole Hope guesthouse and shoe making workshops. I was introduced to Sole Hope on the Mission Trip that my brother and I took with our youth group in high school in 2013 and have thought about it ever since. Luckily, we were able to walk right into the front gate of their compound and get a tour from the guesthouse hostess. This was such an emotional experience that only God could have arranged; after collecting donations and supplies and hosting shoe cutting parties over the past 4 years for Sole Hope, I was finally able to see where the shoes are made in person and hold a pair of the finished shoes in her hands.
We packed as much as we could into our second and last full weekend in the area: eating dinner with one of the clinic volunteers at her house, administering deworming pills and vitamin A drops during an immunization outreach at a local school, hiking Sipi Falls, attending a protestant church with one of the clinic staff members, and getting to sit down with another staff member at her house as she taught us how the coffee beans are prepared to be roasted.

As a useful tip: do not pack your peanut butter in your carry-on - TSA will throw it away.

How can this program be improved?
I think improvements could be made in communication before and during the trip to aid in transportation plans to and from the airport and excursions.
Yes, I recommend this program

Trip of a Lifetime

Ever since a mission trip to New York in high school youth group that had a video series about missions in Africa, my sister and I longed for the day we could travel and help the cause. Christmas break of 2016 I began searching for mission trips to Africa and stumbled upon FIMRC's website. I found the SIHF and immediately began filling out the application just to check the availability. After a few days of prayer, they responded and told me there was room for me and my sister. The trip itself was amazing. We met some amazing people with whom we are still good friends who attended the fellowship with us, and connected with some amazing people in Uganda with whom I still talk to via Facebook. I learned more about healthcare and how to treat patients and gained valuable perspective about what we have (but may not really need) here in the US. I never felt that I was in danger in Uganda. The FIMRC staff were very accommodating and the local people were very nice. Every weekend we were able to take adventures around the area and see a lot of that part of the country. I would highly recommend the SIHF to anyone considering a career in international work or anyone with a desire to experience a different culture and become immersed in a different way of life.

How can this program be improved?
Give more information up front. I felt I could have known more of what to pack.
Yes, I recommend this program

Most amazing experience!

Volunteering with FIMRC in Bududa, Uganda was the most incredible experience. The organization is selflessly committed to serving those without adequate healthcare and resources, and does so while simultaneously empowering the people of the communities they serve. In Bududa I had the privilege of getting personal hands-on experience in a clinical setting and loving some incredibly sweet children, with the added bonus of fun excursions thrown in.

Yes, I recommend this program

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