Awesome Volunteer Missions in Uganda

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If you would like to spend time volunteering in Uganda, we have opportunities for building, community outreaches on HIV/AIDS Awareness, organizing games and sports, working with women in crafts projects and teaching primary and high schools in English and Geography and other social subjects.

Our volunteers have opportunities to interact directly with the community by preparing and coordinating workshops and activities with local counterparts.

The volunteer missions in Uganda provide unforgettable eye opening experience for a gap year, vacation, spring break, summer break and individual travelers.

Like no other country, Uganda represents the changing faces of recent history. Behind the people's optimism and the continent’s beauties lie the horrors and ruins of a dark and gloomy past.

However, Uganda is more than worth a visit - not just because of its awesome landscapes and its incredible bio-diversity but also its friendly people.

  • Immerse yourself in this rural community
  • Promote sustainable community livelihoods
  • Improve the living standards of local people
  • Make friends for life and Full culture immersion
  • Two days free safari or sightseeing tour

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