Volunteer in Uganda with VSO
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Volunteer in Uganda with VSO

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Make a difference with VSO in Uganda, working to support recovery and development within the districts of Gulu, Lira, and Kitgum. There, volunteers will concentrate on either promoting the quality of education and childhood development, implementing healthcare and raising HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as securing livehoods and supporting local governments. VSO requires its applicants to have qualifications and 2-5 years of professional experience, so check the website for a more detailed list. Although you must be older than 25 years old, there are some options available for those younger.

Africa ยป Uganda
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1 Year+
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VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) is an international development organization that brings volunteers to developing countries around the world to make a difference. By recruiting volunteers with specific skills and qualifications, VSO ensures that their work can create a lasting change. With many fields of focus,