Travellers Worldwide - Care for and Rehabilitate Wild Horses in Florida

Video and Photos

Mom Epic and baby Kudo
Romeo is a permanent resident of the center
Diane and one of the many dogs
Hopi today! Happy and adopted!
Hopi when she arrived


In the United States, every year, thousands of wild horses are captured and sold untamed to private owners who are unable to cope or take care of them. Currently there are an estimated 40,000 such horses awaiting adoption. The harsh reality is those that are not re-homed are destroyed.

In this wonderful project you will have the incredible opportunity to work with, care for and train these Mustangs so that they can be successfully and happily integrated into new homes.

Located near Orlando, in the heart of Florida, the rescue centre is only a few miles away from many well-known attractions: Disney World, Universal Studios and the Everglades to name a few.

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