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We don't sell banner ads that rotate with your competitors for 12 months. Instead we send our clients a guaranteed number of highly-qualified visitors that used Go Overseas to make a decision. Why? It's a quick story:

In the beginning of Go Overseas

In the beginning...

It's corny, but Go Overseas was started in a California coffee shop in 2009. Founders Mitch and Andrew spent years living, teaching, volunteering, studying, and working abroad. They knew the resources that (didn't) exist for adventurous travels like themselves looking for programs overseas. They decided they couldn't ignore the problem (they're upstanding guys after all).

The (bleak) landscape

Three years ago, individuals who wanted to research overseas programs had a few options:

Outdated directories
Individual blogs
Provider's own sites

Not exactly a cornucopia of information. Intelligent users wanted more.

Bad options for quality information

Other travel sites were amazing

If people wanted to find a hostel, restaurant, train route, or tour company, great sites were competing for their attention. Each well designed, and bursting with reviews, advice, articles, and a community.

An ambitious start: Replicate the best

Andrew and Mitch founded Go Overseas to create the single best website for individuals considering programs abroad. At a minimum it had to bring the feedback, community, and utility of the best travel review sites to the world of overseas programs.

Why advertising with Go Overseas works
Quality search traffic

Quality Content = Quality Visitors

Conveniently enough, Google likes communities too. The user generated content that's submitted to Go Overseas daily attracts the best traffic. The thousands of visitors who pass through our pages daily find us because they're looking for more than an advertisement, or a list of their options.

Rich Content is Highly Motivating

The visitors who find us are highly motivated. Then we make them better: our visitors use the site to research, compare, and decide. When a visitor spends ten minutes reading a dozen reviews of your program, and then chooses to visit you, they're yours to enroll. But we don't charge for the ten minutes they spent learning about you, we get paid when that user chooses you. How does our content compare to our competitors?

Quality content works

Is it working?

Last year our traffic grew 170%, our client count grew 300%, and (most importantly) we sent thousands of highly-qualified visitors to our clients. See some of our happy clients below. Get started for $500.

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