In the early days of Go Overseas, we committed to these eight values as a way to live and work on our mission in a focused, passionate way. Learn more about each of our values below.

Learn Constantly

We are inquisitive and curious about everything. Learning is the most important part of our process. We prioritize long term expertise over short term gains.

Innovate Fearlessly

We are not afraid of failure. We embrace challenge. We support and empower each other to go against the status quo.

Default to Transparency

We value honest and open communication. We communicate relationships, processes and what is going on "behind the scenes." We believe sharing information is the best way to foster transparency in our field.

Be Data Driven

When it can be measured- we measure it. KPIs > vanity metrics. We are always thinking about what data we have and how to use it.

Exploring new areas of the world
Going Overseas is so exciting!
Meeting the local wildlife

Take Action

We focus on what we can accomplish today. Small wins lead to big success. We take ownership. We see projects through and communicate results.

Put Community First

We put our communities’ goals first. We talk in terms of their priorities, helping them to discover what they want and how to achieve it. We seek feedback from our community constantly. We engage in conversations, not monologues.

Give Warm Fuzzies

We support the team. We give both positive and constructive feedback regularly. We share information proactively. We are collaborative and ego-less when searching for the best ideas.

Care Intensely

We work passionately (but not obsessively… usually). We constantly pursue projects that excite us and align with the Go Overseas mission.