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GoOverseas.com was started with the simple idea of creating a centralized website to provide the resources required for meaningful travel abroad. That idea has grown and expanded into what you see here, a community driven website of like minded people who are all passionate about teaching, studying, volunteering, interning, high school, and gap year abroad. Please join us in our mission to build a great online community for any and all people interested in meaningful travel abroad!

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    President & Co-Founder

    Like you, Mitch is passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures. He first traveled to Taiwan to teach English and instantly fell in love with its friendly people and delicious food. His aim is to model future travel after the motto of this website, "Travel with a Purpose". After participating in a program abroad, make sure to come back and leave a rating and review on this website. User ratings and reviews are the most important resource on Go Overseas, so give back to the community by leaving a review of any program you have participated in. Next on his travel to do list? He's looking forward to volunteering with wildlife in South Africa, and perhaps studying Spanish in Argentina!

    You can email him at Mitch@GoOverseas.com and follow him on Twitter at @mitchgordongo.

    CTO & Co-Founder

    After graduating with a lucrative degree in Art History, Andrew decided to throw caution to the wind and teach English abroad in Taiwan. This turned out to be one of the best decisions he's ever made, because it was here where he met Mitch and together they founded Go Overseas.

    He has a great interest in overseas programs after taking a gap childhood in Australia and studying abroad in Italy. These were very formative experiences that have defined who he is. These days he is a huge data nerd and loves the web and all its awesome technologies. The challenge of solving interesting problems excites him 90% of the time.

    You can email him at Andrew@GoOverseas.com and follow him on Twitter at @AndrewOverseas.

    COO & Co-Founder

    Tucker is an avid traveler with 25+ countries under his belt (Greece and Laos top his list). Working here stokes his wanderlust on a daily basis, but he's having too much fun collaborating with the rest of the team to consider hitting the road again anytime soon. He's a native Californian who made it through 6 years in New York and one in Korea before returning home to the Bay Area. Tucker loves cavorting with friends, food, exploring San Francisco, and hanging out with his family in beautiful Sonoma.

    You can email him at Tucker@GoOverseas.com and follow him on Twitter at @tuckeroverseas.

    Website Director

    The least traveled member of the Go Overseas team, Nadia has compiled an extensive travel wish list. To get started, she plans to study Spanish in Barcelona, explore Chile and India, and backpack through Laos, Vietnam, and Central Asia. She uses all her free time coding, watching sports (preferably basketball, football, or hockey), at the gym or yoga studio, and people watching.

    You can email her at Nadia@GoOverseas.com and follow her on Twitter at @NadiaMubashar.

    Content & Teach Abroad Director

    Originally from the Washington DC area, Jessie Beck studied anthropology in Dakar, Senegal and Malta, taught ESL in Costa Rica, and volunteered as an education volunteer with the Peace Corps in Madagascar (2011-2013). Now, she is finally back in the U.S. working at the Go Overseas office in California as the Teach Abroad & Content Director for Go Overseas. When not at work or traveling the globe, she can be found rock climbing, eating her way through the Bay Area, blogging, or reading travelogues in her local coffee shop.

    You can email her at Jessie@GoOverseas.com and follow her on Twitter at @TeachReviews and @beatnomad.

    Study & Intern Abroad Director

    Anna describes herself as a Midwest/West Coast hybrid. She is a Southern California native but was transplanted at a young age to a small town in Wisconsin. Anna attended college in Minnesota but traveled far and wide while she was a student. Her first study abroad experience was in England and after that, there was no turning back. She has explored much of Europe and South Africa and aspires to step foot on every continent during her lifetime (yes - even Antarctica!). On the weekends, she's most likely on a scenic drive or exploring the glories of the Bay Area on foot.

    You can email her at Anna@GoOverseas.com and follow her on Twitter at @StudyReviews and @AnnaHaleigh.

    Community & Brand Manager

    Southern Marylander gone rouge, Mallory moved to Berkeley via London after a stint in Washington DC. Prior to joining Go Overseas, Mallory worked in England as Location Coordinator for Global Experiences while studying for her MA in Global Media and Transnational Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her career in international education began at NAFSA as a Communication Outreach Specialist. When she isn't community building, Mallory spends her time living vicariously through friends abroad, pretending to be a food critic, and playing frisbee. Lots of frisbee.

    You can email her at Mallory@GoOverseas.com and follow her on twitter @mal_em

    Volunteer Abroad & Gap Year Director

    Ten years ago, Mandi had no clue that her life would lead her all around the world. Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, she grew up never venturing far off the east coast. That all changed after studying abroad in Rome, Italy opened her eyes to all the wonders that travel provides. Since then she's studied and traveled all over Europe, learned Spanish in Costa Rica, volunteered in India and Thailand, and lived in Tanzania. Every single journey has shaped her and contributed to her passion of sharing the benefits of meaningful travel abroad to anyone who will listen.

    You can email her at Mandi@GoOverseas.com and follow her on twitter at @1LimitlessWorld.

    UX/UI Designer

    Despite having graduated from Cal with a degree in biology, Lauren always knew her real passion was in design. Nowadays, you'll find her studying typography, prototyping new interfaces, or elbow deep in Photoshop. She originally found Go Overseas when researching where to study abroad in Italy during college. Now as their UX/UI Designer, she gets to design for a magical company that inspires people to travel everyday.

    Her love for design can only be paralleled by her passion for food. When not at work, she can be found baking fresh pies, trying the newest Boba shop, or cooking a mean pasta carbonara... the Italian way.

    You can email her at Lauren@GoOverseas.com

Our Intern Team

    Developer Intern

    Edward is a native Californian from Los Angeles with a passion for computer science and technology. He's a soon to be electrical engineering and computer science graduate of UC Berkeley.

    Although he has only visited South Korea, Canada, Japan, and Mexico, he has always had interest in Spain and Italy and hopes to visit soon. When he's not playing computer games or making a silly app, he's watching sports or out with friends.

    Marketing Intern

    A Bay Area native, Vivian spends her time trying to balance her love for environmentalism, traveling, food, and writing in her junior year at UC Berkeley. In line with our mission here at Go Overseas, she has volunteered through Tibet, studied abroad in London, interned in Beijing, and backpacked tons here and there around the world. On the top of her travel wishlist is to one day visit Patagonia in South America!

    Marketing Intern

    Born in Vietnam and raised in Los Angeles, Thuan is currently a Berkeley student majoring in Media Studies. Although she has not (yet) embarked on international journeys, she embraces her passion for traveling through food, week long road trips, and a National Park quest. She hopes someday to explore the world. Thuan enjoys adventures in the city, long distance running, and her morning coffee. She also has a serious sweet tooth, which is satisfied with frequent trips to local ice cream parlors.

Our Writing Team

Among the hundreds of writing applications and pitches we have received over the years, these all-stars stood out for their excellent blogging/writing experience, social media expertise, and contagious love for travel -- which is why we've brought them on as part of our rockin' content team. So without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to the journalistic masterminds behind our blog: our lovely writers.

Want to write for Go Overseas? Check our careers page for openings, or apply to our Writing Corps.

Senior Columnists

    Gap Years | Career Breaks | Africa

    Kate Evans is a freelance writer currently based in Santa Clara, California. She has a BA with Honors from Davidson College and has studied, lived, traveled, and worked throughout Europe and Africa. Published internationally, travel is her favorite pastime and writing subject. Follow her on Google+ or on Kate Evan's website.

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    Study Abroad | Languages | Italy

    Lisa studied in Ascoli Piceno, Italy in 2010 and since has always needed to have a flight booked somewhere. After failing at office life, she flew to Italy and became a European tour-guide for a year. Now, she's focusing on her writing while living in Florence with her boyfriend. Check her out on Google+ or her sweet blog.

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    Gap Years | Photography | Southeast Asia

    Colin spent his childhood being dragged kicking and screaming across America. As an adult, he realized he's a glutton for punishment, and now he's throwing himself across the world one country at a time. He lives for the story and will do anything for the experience of it, though his friends think that's a weak excuse for eating that cricket in Thailand. Colin enjoys guacamole, music festivals, and that place in Joshua Tree that looks like a Salvador Dali painting if you look at it right. Follow him at Elsewhere Man and on G+.

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    Teach Abroad | Languages | France | China

    Jason is a hockey player from Virginia, and his passport is a quilt of stamps and visas. He studied French at the Sorbonne in Paris, worked in International Ed in China, celebrated Thanksgiving in Amsterdam and cheered July 4th in Brazil. Jason can recite Sartre in 3 languages just as fast as he can put a puck past your ear. Follow Jason on his blog, on Twitter @HeyJayJRogers and on Google+.

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    Volunteer Abroad | Latin America

    Natalie has made appearances in 14 different countries and currently resides in Bogota, Colombia, where she ogles mountains on a daily basis, eats an overwhelming amount of arepas and works at a human rights NGO. Despite her dramatic love of Latin America, she does get homesick when reminded of Boston sports teams, oceans, seasons, breakfast cereal and/or the entire stock of Trader Joe's. International craisins donations are both encouraged and welcome. She exists at @nsouthwick, her blog, and on Google+.

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    Intern Abroad | Australia

    Growing up in the Midwest, Rachael couldn't wait to get out and see the world. She escaped the cold north to attend the University of South Carolina, where she spent semesters studying in Italy and Thailand and a summer interning in Sydney. After graduation, Rachael took some time to travel solo in South America, have a few crazy adventures in Sweden & Jordan, and Work & Holiday for a year in Australia. Rachael is now back in the States, where she continues to obsess over all things travel on Twitter @GirlUnmapped and her blog Girl, Unmapped. She currently works as a Communications Officer at Cultural Vistas.

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    A former NYC management consultant turned legal nomad, Elaina Giolando writes about the intersection of career, life, and travel for today's 20-somethings. She currently works as an international media representative, traveling to a new country every 3 months to live and work. In her spare time, she focuses on providing her peers inspiration to proactively create rewarding and unconventional lifestyles. Follow Elaina on her blog Life Before 30 or @_LifeBefore30.

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    Steve is a 27 year old travel enthusiast. He calls Boston home, though he spends as much time on the road as he does in any one place these days. He's part of the marketing team at LanguageCorps and a freelance writer, in between playing drums in various touring bands and trying to become a better photographer. Japan is next on his travel wish list! Follow him on Google+.

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