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  • Working holiday gap year in New Zealand
    By Colin Heinrich on 09/01/2015
    When anybody starts to think about where they should go to have an adventure, New Zealand is one of the first places to pop into mind. The soaring mountains, the giant plains, the volcanoes, and blue water full of whales. Even the cities feel like small towns. Australia might get most of the...
  • What's the best way to apply for ESL jobs abroad?
    By Steve Patton on 08/31/2015
    Whether you're dreaming of a year long stint teaching English in China or a short term tutoring position in Barcelona, your first step to making this dream real is the job hunt. However, the best way to apply for ESL jobs abroad varies from country to country; region to region. In this article...
  • Intern in China
    By Jason Rogers on 08/27/2015
    Landing an internship anywhere today is exciting (thanks, economy), but a thousand times more so if you're interning in China! What if someone had already done it, gone before you, come back and told you what to expect, and what lessons they learned? Depending on where you intern in China,...
  • Off the grid study abroad
    By Lauren Salisbury on 08/26/2015
    A group of high school students crouches on hands and knees, digging into the earth near the muddy banks of a gently-flowing stream. It's a bright morning in the Costa Rican rainforest and warm sunlight drifts through the dense green of the canopy overhead. It's still too early in the day for...
  • Allianz Scholartrips
    By Kate Evans on 08/24/2015
    Get excited, to-be study abroaders; Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) has just announced the launch of their 2015 Study Abroad Scholarship, ScholarTrips. This national scholarship will award six outstanding students with $2,500 to use towards a trip studying or volunteering abroad. Think of all...
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  • How to pick an au pair family
    By Amanda Slavinsky on 08/20/2015
    Picking host family for au pairing abroad is not easy. In fact, I'd say it's even more difficult than doing the actual job! The pool is so large with families from all over the world looking for the perfect person to care for their children that the task of finding one that works for you can be...
  • Go Overseas New Zealand Scholarship
    By Kourtney Stuthard on 08/18/2015
    Some of you may have already caught wind of the hubub, but last year Go Overseas partnered up with Education New Zealand to offer one full ride scholarship to study abroad in New Zealand. Since most students cite cost as the biggest barrier to studying abroad, the scholarship, unsurprisingly,...
  • Can You Get College Credit for Interning Abroad?
    By Rachael Taft on 08/17/2015
    There are so many reasons to complete an internship abroad. It's an opportunity to gain international experience, boost your language skills, and maybe even spend time overseas while making a little money rather than spending it! As soon as you start thinking about going overseas for an...
  • Haven't found a job? Try teaching abroad
    By Richelle Gamlam on 08/13/2015
    Now several months have passed since you graduated college. All your classmates and friends are applying for jobs and starting their careers, but you're still searching. So whether you're feeling trapped by the American Dream, or you're panicking because you haven't found a job for next year,...
  • How much does it cost to study abroad?
    By Charity Yoro on 08/12/2015
    How times have changed! Studying abroad is no longer the luxury afforded only by an exclusive upper tier of privileged college students. Now, going away for a semester is considered commonplace (if not required) by colleges, universities, and even future employers. Still, study abroad isn't...
  • Annapurna
    By Jessie Beck on 08/10/2015
    The Himalayan massif Annapurna is a familiar sight to Brad Hurvitz, founder of the non-profit Trek to Teach, which places teachers in rural villages in Nepal. However, when he arrived at the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC for short) in the spring of 2015, what he saw was far from familiar. As a...
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