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  • holiday gift ideas for student travelers
    By Lisa Saltagi on 11/23/2015
    As we head into the holiday season, the thoughts of gift giving are starting to stir up the autumn weather. As a parent, grandparent, relative, or friend of a student traveler who's studying abroad as we speak, about to head out on a gap year in the spring, or in any way possible roaming the...
  • Do a gap year without hurting your career
    By Elaina Giolando on 11/19/2015
    An estimated 250,000 young people aged 17-25 go on a gap year of some kind every year, and these numbers keep rising. While many participants are often European or Australian, the concept of taking a gap year is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and other parts of the world....
  • Ways to Learn a Language Abroad
    By Kate Evans on 11/18/2015
    One of the best parts about traveling is becoming immersed in a foreign culture. It's wandering the streets of a newly discovered town, getting lost in its beauty and uniqueness. It's also trying to figure out what the heck people are saying to you -- because you don't speak the language. There'...
  • Why global experiences should be required
    By Elaina Giolando on 11/16/2015
    Incorporating an international component into American higher education is critically important for creating a workforce with the capabilities and mindset to tackle the world's toughest challenges of global interdependence: disease, violent extremism, climate change, economic inequality, and...
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  • Volunteering with refugees
    By Delia Harrington on 11/12/2015
    Photos of two deceased refugee children earlier this year have triggered a worldwide response to a global refugee crisis that is the largest since World War II. With almost 60 million people in need of help, it's no surprise that communities around the world have shown interest in helping with...
  • Online TEFL Course
    By Brett Montrose on 11/10/2015
    If you're thinking about teaching abroad, chances are you're also considering getting your TEFL certificate to help prepare you and qualify you for better teaching jobs. Often, online TEFL courses are the most flexible, and sometimes more affordable, option for teachers seeking overseas...
  • Study abroad student loans
    By Kate Evans on 11/09/2015
    The cost of attending college or university has been on a steady increase the past decade, forcing many students to take out loans to afford higher education. While loans can be extremely helpful and make the dream of college attainable, it definitely complicates studying abroad. Although you...
  • Teach in Asia
    By Richelle Gamlam on 11/06/2015
    Teaching in Asia is by far one of the best ways to explore the region. Live as an expat, make local friends, create a rewarding career, and make a good earning for yourself. If you're reading this article, I'm sure you already know the benefits teaching abroad can bring you. But you also have a...
  • Things I wish I knew before studying abroad
    By Lauren Salisbury on 11/03/2015
    Studying abroad is one of the most eye-opening, mind-bending, life-changing, experiences a student can have. Yet, when beginning the process of studying abroad -- from researching programs to booking airfare -- it can be difficult to know what studying abroad actually is like. Those shining...
  • Au Pair in Germany
    By Amanda Slavinsky on 11/02/2015
    Many people have a very romantic idea of what au pairing will be like. They imagine wandering down cobblestone streets and sipping red wine in piazzas, or sitting on a train as it winds through snow capped mountains while your new boyfriend whispers sweet nothings into your ear in a language you...
  • Should I study abroad in the fall or spring?
    By Richelle Gamlam on 10/29/2015
    You've decided to study abroad for a semester, but do you go in the fall or spring? Deciding when to go abroad can be a tricky choice, because there's so many different things to consider. From the weather and class dates, to holidays and FOMO, picking a semester abroad can get complicated....