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  • Japan Host Family
    By Richelle Gamlam on 06/29/2015
    Spending time with a homestay family is one of the best cultural immersion experiences you can have while traveling in Japan. Whether you're studying abroad for a semester, or exploring Japan for a few weeks, be sure to take a weekend and live with a Japanese family. Japanese people are some of...
  • Packing list for teaching in Asia
    By Amanda Slavinsky on 06/26/2015
    Packing for a weeklong trip can be hard enough, but what about packing for a year living and working abroad in a country that is probably vastly different in culture and, possibly, climate than your home? To say it is stressful would be an understatement. Deciding what to pack for teaching...
  • Working holiday jobs in Australia
    By Colin Heinrich on 06/24/2015
    As one of the most diverse, developed, and beautiful countries in the world, Australia is catnip for the young and bold, the newly graduated and the in-transitions out there looking for an adventure. The perfect launchpad for a year of work and travel in Australia is through the working...
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  • Americans in Cuba
    By Natalie Southwick on 06/22/2015
    Can you travel to Cuba and volunteer now as an America citizen? The short answer is yes. Don't stop reading just yet, though! Though Americans can volunteer in Cuba, it's not nearly as simple as just finding an organization and hopping on a plane -- although hopefully it will be in not too...
  • Learn a language this summer
    By Jason Rogers on 06/19/2015
    Want to learn a new language on the beach? Want to work on phonemes and grammar while getting sandy and slightly tanner? Then Go Overseas has you covered like sun screen, pal. Dive into some of the world's most popular languages to learn, and the hottest beach destinations to learn them! Vamos...
  • Summer study abroad
    By Lisa Saltagi on 06/17/2015
    The future of study abroad is changing as we speak. A greater awareness of the benefits of living (and playing!) overseas is intriguing our millennial population by showing them opportunities outside of the classroom -- and they're listening! From gap years abroad, to summer study abroad...
  • Tips for budgeting while teaching abroad
    By Charity Yoro on 06/15/2015
    Teaching in South Korea was one of the easiest times of my life, financially speaking. Not only was everything paid for (such as airfare to/from the country, my studio accommodations, most meals on the days I worked -- just to name a few of the perks), but also the cost of living in the mid-...
  • Natural Disasters Abroad
    By Colin Heinrich on 06/12/2015
    I used to think I was invincible. I would take risks I didn't need to simply because I had the track record and the naivety to think that everything would always be okay. But last month, Nepal was rocked by a massive earthquake, and thousands of people died. Thousands more are missing. Many of...
  • Intern study abroad program
    By Lisa Saltagi on 06/10/2015
    During my own experience studying abroad in Italy, I didn't particpate in a dual intern-study abroad program per say, but I did have work-study. Or, rather, they created one for me because I was in such a small program, and I got the chance to both work and study abroad during that semester. A...
  • How to switch careers
    By Natalie Southwick on 06/08/2015
    Whatever your reason or inspiration, you've likely stumbled on this article because you want to start a new career. Just one thing. How exactly can you break into a new industry, especially if you're looking to switch careers entirely and don't have that much professional experience in your new...
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  • Gap year
    By Kate Evans on 06/05/2015
    You've made the choice to take a gap year, and are now faced with the "how should I take a gap year?" question. Undoubtedly, you've come across a ton of blogs of solo-travelers on working holidays in Australia, or backpacking through Southeast Asia, doing it on their own. Few people actually act...