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  • shanghai programs with api study abroad
    By Megan Lee on 05/27/2015
    Originally published on October 26th, 2012. China remains the only non-European destination in the top 5 most popular study abroad destinations -- congratulations, you're contributing to a rising number of students looking for more unique opportunities abroad. You're at the forefront of a...
  • Professional clothing
    By Rachael Taft on 05/22/2015
    Your suitcase is splayed out on your bedroom floor and you're looking around your room, bewildered, without the faintest idea where to begin. It's stressful enough picking out an outfit for your first day at a regular internship, but to try to pick out a months' worth of outfits and other...
  • Graduation
    By Colin Heinrich on 05/21/2015
    First things first: congratulations, kid. You've graduated. You've finished the longest and most difficult series of trials and tribulations you've ever had to go through, and with any luck, you did it without a single smear on your permanent record. Everybody's real proud of that. Doesn't matter...
  • Passport
    By Paris Riley on 05/20/2015
    Photo Credit: Grace Khoury Study abroad isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to wipe out your bank account either. Fortunately for you, Go Overseas wrote the book on how to budget for study abroad. Literally. "Half the Luggage, Double the Money" (downloadable as a free PDF) is a must read guide for...
  • Angry kid
    By Amanda Slavinsky on 05/19/2015
    Making the decision to teach abroad is often a big one. You're uprooting your life to move across the world and you're often interviewing for teaching positions while thousands of miles away making it hard to vet the good from the bad. More often than not, the ESL job postings you come across...
  • Reunion
    By Jason Rogers on 05/15/2015
    You know it's not just France that speaks French, right? In the same way that English and Spanish have spread their linguistic tendrils all across the globe, so has the language of the once-vast French Empire. So if cheese-huffing Parisians and latticed iron towers aren't your glass of wine,...
  • gap year as a couple
    By Kate Evans on 05/14/2015
    Traditionally, gap years were a chance to take a break from school and from years of meeting other people's expectations. Usually taken between high school and university, it was a chance to explore the world, but mostly to get to know yourself. It was a journey of self-discovery. Today, though...
  • Ways to study abroad
    By Lisa Saltagi on 05/13/2015
    When talking about study abroad, many people who don't know much about it think that the options are very limited: you study abroad your sophomore or junior year in college, and you usually go to someplace like Rome and have classes that don't take much effort, and you go travel cool places on...
  • Why get TEFL certified
    By Jessie Beck on 05/12/2015
    As the Teach Abroad Director for Go Overseas, I get a lot of questions from our users asking "So, do I really need a TEFL certificate to teach abroad?" The short answer is no, you really don't need a TEFL certificate to teach abroad. There are certainly jobs that don't require you to be TEFL...
  • post volunteer abroad careers
    By Natalie Southwick on 05/11/2015
    Just as you start getting close to the end of your volunteer project abroad, the future suddenly starts looming ahead of you like Mt. Doom. Wrapping up your weeks, months, or even years abroad doesn't have to be like staring into the jaws of the beast, though -- in fact, finishing a volunteer...
  • Are international internships on the rise?
    By Rachael Taft on 05/08/2015
    As the world shrinks and the job market grows in competitiveness, gaining international experience and global skills becomes increasingly important. Studying abroad remains the most popular option for students going overseas, with nearly 290,000 students studying abroad in the 2013-14 year....