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  • Teach in Asia blogs
    By Richelle Gamlam on 10/01/2015
    So you plan to teach abroad in Asia, but you want all the details. What is it like to live in Japan? How do I get a job in South Korea? Should I get my TEFL certificate to teach in China? While Go Overseas is an amazing resource for teaching abroad, especially in Asia, sometimes you need that...
  • When's the Best Time to Intern Abroad?
    By Rachael Taft on 09/29/2015
    There are many epic questions in the world. Inside or outside? Ketchup or mustard? Paper or plastic? Should I intern abroad for the summer or a full semester? We can't necessarily help you with all those questions (though we'd suggest... Outside, ketchup, and neither -- reusable bags all the...
  • Learn Chinese in Shanghai
    By Lauren Salisbury on 09/28/2015
    So you've decided to study abroad and you know what you want to study, but you're not sure where to go to study say art history, healthcare, or English lit? With such a beautiful, large world to explore, one of the most difficult steps in the study abroad process can be choosing where it is you...
  • Should you learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America?
    By Natalie Southwick on 09/24/2015
    Though there are many great divisions in the world -- the Continental Divide, Cubs vs. White Sox, the unbridgeable gap between people who say "soda" and those that say "pop"-- perhaps one of the biggest trans-Atlantic variations is the one between the Spanish spoken in Spain and the version...
  • UAE
    By Jessie Beck on 09/23/2015
    If you're thinking about teaching abroad, you've probably already Googled all the practical information: where the best places to teach are, how much you'll make teaching ESL abroad, and everything under the sun about TEFL certifications. But what about the experience? What's it like to be an ESL...
  • Work and Travel the World for Free
    By Elaina Giolando on 09/21/2015
    Everyone wants to travel, and you're guilty as charged if you're reading this. Taking time off between work and school is one of the best things you can do, but it also takes a huge amount of courage, independence, planning, and financial savvy to make it happen. One of the things most people...
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  • Internship abroad
    By Rachael Taft on 09/17/2015
    Like an internship at home, not every internship abroad will be the most fun and amazing time of your life, but it should be a meaningful learning experience. We all have expectations of how an experience will be, and international experiences often have the highest expectations of all. If you...
  • volunteer opportunities in east africa: choosing between tanzania or kenya
    By Jessie Beck on 09/16/2015
    Originally published May, 29th 2013. If you already know that you want to volunteer in East Africa, it's likely that you're trying to decide between volunteering in Kenya and Tanzania. How do you choose? Though each distinct in their own way, these two neighbors are pretty similar destinations...
  • 7 Simple Tips for Language Learning Abroad
    By Jason Rogers on 09/15/2015
    Learning a language abroad is the best way to acquire one. Immersion is everywhere, and you're there to act as one big language sponge! But this awesome arrangement can be made even better if you know some helpful tips to improve your language learning. Take a look at these simple, surefire...
  • Study abroad direct enrollment
    By Lauren Salisbury on 09/14/2015
    During the fall semester of my senior year of college, I decided I couldn't graduate without taking advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester in a foreign country. Yet it seemed my time for studying abroad had passed. My university has a rule that your last semester of credits had to be...
  • The Global Resume
    By Elaina Giolando on 09/10/2015
    I'll never forget sitting in my living room in Nigeria with a colleague from Portugal after he asked me to share my resume with him. He had a Spanish friend applying for a job in Germany and she was asking for inspiration and examples. Given that I was an American working for a European company...