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  • An Open Letter to Malia Obama: Thank You For Taking a Gap Year
    By Mandi Schmitt on 05/03/2016
    Dear Malia, When the Go Overseas team filed into work yesterday morning, we were met with a flurry of phone calls and emails from reporters who wanted to learn more about the concept of a gap year. The number of visitors exploring the gap year programs and articles we have on our site shot up,...
  • Burma travel tips
    By Elaina Giolando on 05/02/2016
    Having only officially re-opened its doors to tourism in 2010, Burma is one of the most untouched countries in Asia today. Whether you are venturing there as a teacher, volunteer, or backpacker, this country will both charm and challenge you while providing some of the most unforgettable...
  • Get ahead in your ESL career
    By Lucas Fink on 04/27/2016
    Landing a job teaching English overseas isn't always easy. The EFL job market is competitive enough in many countries that if you don't specialize, you'll have a hard time finding good work. Simply being an English teacher isn't enough, sometimes you need an extra hook. There are plenty of ways...
  • Did You Know About this Alternative Type of Study Abroad?
    By Lauren Salisbury on 04/25/2016
    Whatever comes to mind when you think of study abroad, be it learning Mandarin in Shanghai, studying the history of the Roman Empire in Rome, or brushing up on finance skills in London, chances are a classroom is involved. But study abroad doesn't have to be so rigidly defined. An experience...
  • How to Deal with Street Harassment Abroad
    By Delia Harrington on 04/21/2016
    "Hey..." someone growls out from the dark, their voice low but insistent. "Hey lady, come back here." It's late, it's dark, and there's a man following me to the bus stop. I'm alone and there's almost no one on the street. I don't know this guy and I don't know what he wants, but it can't be...
  • How to turn an internship into a job abroad
    By Lisa Saltagi on 04/20/2016
    We tend to look at an internship, whether at home or abroad, as an opportunity to build our skill sets and gain experience in a relevant field. While that's true, students often forget to consider that taking an internship with a company is a good step towards getting hired at that same company...
  • Is Getting a TEFL Certificate Worth It?
    By Richelle Gamlam on 04/18/2016
    Hi Go Overseas! I want to teach abroad and have read in a lot of places that you need to be TEFL certified to get a teaching job abroad. But they're really expensive, and it'd be a huge commitment for me to pay for one at the moment. So, before I bite the bullet and sign up for an expensive...
  • What Companies are Best for Corporate Volunteering Abroad?
    By Lauren Salisbury on 04/14/2016
    From providing sanctuary for injured animals in Ecuador to delivering aid to refugees in Thailand to building homes for the homeless in Ireland, global-minded citizens have found that volunteering abroad is a popular way to give back while traveling. Studies show that from a business...
  • Teachers, Looking for Jobs this Summer? Why Not Do it Abroad?
    By Kate Evans on 04/13/2016
    It's almost here! After long months of winter, early rising, and imparting knowledge to younger generations, it's almost summer. You get to say goodbye to your students (and their parents), forget about test scores and lunch duty and do something purely for yourself. This might be a time to...
  • Where Should You Study Abroad?
    By Lisa Saltagi on 04/11/2016
    When I finally stepped into my first study abroad fair, I did what we all do (and what we shouldn't) and scooped up every single glossy-paged brochure I could and fell in love with all of them. How was I supposed to pick where to adventure? It took me awhile but I did finally figure it out...
  • Should I take an unpaid internship abroad
    By Elaina Giolando on 04/07/2016
    If you've ever looked for a job and saw requirements for "minimum two years experience" for a recent graduate position, you wonder, like all of us do, "Well, if it's a job for someone who just graduated from university, how could they possibly already have two years of experience?" One of my...