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Disney has been publishing children's books and developing English Language Learning materials for more than 70 years. Drawing upon this knowledge, Disney has created Disney English, an innovative form of English Language Learning that will inspire your child to learn English more effectively.

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  • China
    Your adventure with Disney starts now, come and see how far we can take you! Since the opening of our flagship center in...
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  • Alicia
    Age: 25-30
    Capella University
    Disney Englidh. should you work there?

    I will make this very short and straight to the point! Disney english compensates very well;the only positive they get from me. IF you are a true educator,this job is not for you! This is not a school,its consider a center;which i like to call a daycare center. You are more of an actor than a teacher(educator)! you have to put on a show in front of parents;which they call demos! If you like bouncing around and acting a fool with children,then you found the perfect job!

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  • Disney
    Age: 31-50
    Beijing, China
    This is a great experience for first time teachers overseas.

    Coming to China can be a challenge. Just going through the application process can be difficult. But the experiences you will have both teaching and learning about the culture are worth the effort. Disney English is a growing company. They have only been around for about 3 years and have grown enormously in that time. With growth comes challenges, people who are open minded, flexible and willing to make an effort will go far. There is a lot of potential to move up in the company and to grow with them.

    They have a fun and energetic atmosphere to teach in. The children are adorable, smart and willing to learn. Most employees of Disney get to know each other on a first name basis, which helps make everyone feel more comfortable and welcome. You have an interactive board and curriculum to help keep the kids attention. Fellow trainers are willing to lend a hand when needed or advice. Be prepared to share a classroom, you may not have one all to yourself.

    Overall, working for Disney is a great experience. Starting from the training provided when you on board to the support that you get from your fellow trainers and center staff. One downside is that because of growth, things change and sometimes those changes aren't fully explained in a timely fashion. Being flexible and understanding are very important when this happens. This also goes for ordering supplies and sharing w/ other trainers when there are shortages.

    Most employees work either thurs-mon or fri-tues. This gives everyone wed off to meet people from other centers and time to take day trips together during the week when places are less crowded. The downside is you won't have much of a life on the weekends. But you will get to know your fellow trainers well and make some good friends.

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  • Anonymous
    Age: 25-30
    Shanghai, China
    University of New Hampshire
    A singing and dancing good time

    At Disney English I work with advanced technology, unique teaching content, and energetic people on a daily basis. Disney provides its language teachers with digital ELL content, but everyone is expected to create their own lesson plans to support the week's target language. The kids who come to DE are adorable and extremely smart, and we usually have full support from the parents of our learners. Overall, the working environment is great and I have fun every day.

    Things at Disney English are constantly changing, so this is a good job for someone who is flexible and spontaneous. Because of the rapid changes, new employees often hear a variety of advice or instructions from different people (the one downside to the job), so some of the new teachers come to China with negative experiences about the recruiting and application process. Do not despair - it all gets better once you get to China!

    Working at Disney English is not difficult, but it is tiring. There is a lot of singing and dancing involved, and we often work overtime to cover other people's lessons if they are sick (no substitute teachers). As far as the social scene, most Disney employees become good friends and Disney offers fun social events from time to time. There is a lot of room for growth with the company, and it's a great job to add to your resume. :)

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