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Gap Medics is a specialist company dedicated to arranging pre-health shadowing programs for students applying to medical school, nursing school, and other health degree programs. Our head office is in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Students join us from all over the world--particularly from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Our programs offer students aged 16+ genuine insights into the work of health professionals in Tanzania, Thailand, Poland, and Croatia. Our comprehensive support services are designed to make these opportunities as safe, convenient, and secure as possible and draw on our experience placing thousands of students in healthcare settings around the world.

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  • Daisy
    Age: 18 or younger
    Best Experience Ever

    If you have the opportunity to go on a gap medics placement, do it! For me it was such an amazing experience. I made great new friends from all over the world and had valuable time in hospitals watching amazing things. You really will have the time of your life!

    How could this program be improved?

    Nope, I really do think this program is perfect.

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  • Jemini
    Age: 19-24
    University of Manchester
    Worst Experience of My Life - Croatia

    On arrival in Pula the programme manager and the housekeeper met me. Although the housekeeper was very welcoming, the programme manager was not, as when I arrived at the Gap Medics house he gave me a very brief tour of only half the house and just left me to it. I understand that food is not provided at weekends but he made no effort to explain where I could buy food considering I had a long journey.

    Food was a serious issue as Gap Medics gave me the impression that there would always be some sort of food in the house. However, this was not the case most of the time. There were no bottles of water and no one explained whether I could drink the tap water. In the end I had to drink the tap water from the bathroom. During meal times there were also no fruit juices, etc. Breakfast was okay, but most of the time not sufficient. Often there were days where there would be no milk or the milk would be warm. On one particular day there were no teabags even after reminding the chef on the previous day to buy them. There would always be fruit in the house but it was always rotting and never edible and the food in the fridge had clearly been there for a very long time therefore I was always scared to eat anything. Lunch option was ridiculous, as you had to make your own lunch, which was 2 pieces of small bread and a piece of cheese every day. There was never anything to eat in the day. The kitchen was dirty and very small and I was expected to wash my own dishes, which seems unfair seeing as I paid so much for the placement! However, the evening meal was great!

    Gap medics gave me the impression that someone would always be in the house at all times. However, this was not the case and the programme manager would often leave for 'an hour or two' this meant that if I needed anything there would be no one to contact. I think this is ridiculous as there is no form of security! Also, when Leila came to stay, she didn't even ask my name or introduce herself, therefore once again I felt like there was no one I could approach.

    Taxis were a big issue. I understand on the first day that we had to walk to the hospital so we can get a local tour but the next few days taxis were not provided unless is was 'very hot or raining' This is really unfair seeing as everyone the previous week were provided with taxis! The hospital was around a 45 minute walk, which meant I arrived sweating as it was very hot and I felt uncomfortable and faint all day due to being so tired. There was no sense of organization. I couldn't deal with this and ended up having to pay for the taxis myself.

    Although I saw some pretty valuable things on the actual placement, the mentor didn't understand English properly. The nurses always talked about us students in Croatian as they believed we didn't understand. They were rude to us and deliberately blocked our views. Most of the time there was nothing going on and I had to sit around doing nothing. This is so unfair considering how much I paid for the actual placement! I believe the staff should be more welcoming!

    The whole placement seems very overpriced and not worth half of what I paid for it. I don't understand why we should have to pay extra costs for things like scrubs and the return taxi to the airport. There are a lot more hidden costs than Gap Medics make out.

    I sent my complaint to Gap Medics but they have not done anything about the issue therefore I am going to escalate this further. My overall experience of the trip was much worse than I expected. My friends are looking to travel with Gap Medics soon and it is a shame that I will have to share my experience with them. I also requested a breakdown of the cost I paid to see where the money is actually going, but again I was ignored!

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  • Aliane
    Age: 19-24
    Dayton, Ohio
    Wright State University
    Valuable Medical Experience!

    I participated in the program to Iringa, Tanzania for two weeks last year. The program was very well organized! I enjoyed the structure of the program as well as the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the trip even further. The trip was fantastic! I didn't want to leave and I am now looking forward to going back! The Medical Experience was one of a kind and one that I will never forget. I really enjoyed the trip and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering to particpiate

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  • Chloe
    Age: 19-24
    Swansea, Wales
    University of Plymouth
    Tanzania: A second home

    I have experienced Gap Medics three times over the past three years and I have to say what an amazing experience it gives you. It allows you to experience a country (Tanzania in my case) right down to its grassroots. It provides a stress and hassle free way of being able to visit a developing country whilst gaining medical experience, which is hard to find elsewhere. You get to get up close with all the procedures at the hospital and it provides an experience that is hard to find in your own country. I would recommend Gap Medics to anyone that would like to not only gain medical experience, but who also want learn about the cultures in a different country as well. The money is well worth it and you will not regret your decision what so ever. Both the staff at the house and the hospital are well trained and will literally feel like family during your stay. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, that you almost forgot that you are in a totally different environment. During my stay, I was able to witness many births on the labour ward as well as helping with ward rounds in paediatrics. The sights, sounds and certainly smells will overwhelm your senses when you first step into the labour ward. Childbirth is not a tidy event. However, you soon adjust and everyday brings new things to observe and learn. On the neonatal ward, many babies on fighting for survival in circumstances that seem impossible, yet, many survive. There are not many incubators so at busy times, the beds become full of tiny little babies not quite ready for the world. This really does make you realise how precious and fragile life is. However, through these good and bad times, the team is always there to support you. In the end, no matter how long you stay, you will have wished that you were staying longer as it really does become to feel like home.

    First birth of my 2015 trip
    Babies in the neonatal unit
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  • Rachael
    Age: 19-24
    University of Greenwich
    Gap Medics- Pula, Croatia

    Honestly the best Two weeks. Enjoyed every part! Seeing as we were an over 18s house, we were not treated like babies, we were trusted and allowed our own free time to explore and relex! The people could not have been better as well as the staff! And the food cooked was amazing!! Placement wise I was unlucky that the first week there were two public holidays, therefore missing the Monday and Thursday but had the option of making my hours up! I got neurosurgery for the first week and paediatrics for the second. Neurosurgery was my favourite and the staff were more than helpful, definitely got the experience I needed there and more!

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