Gap year volunteers in Ecuador
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The Andes are home to incredible cultural and biological diversity. Explore their many faces on our program in Bolivia, Peru & Ecuador, which incorporates an extended homestay, a teaching internship, and additional opportunities for community service. In addition to living in a homestay, where both you and the host family will be challenged to step outside of your boundaries and open your hearts and minds to one another, you will be primarily focused on teaching in a local school. You will further integrate into your host community by selecting an independent project that inspires you and meets needs of the community, such as facilitating an arts or sports camp or painting a mural.

There is ample opportunity for adventure, including exploring the Amazon river basin by canoe, kayaking Lake Titicaca, watching the sunrise over Machu Picchu, and exploring the infamous Galapagos archipelago, and much more!

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Five reasons to do a Global Routes program!

  1. Location! Live and teach in a small, rural agricultural community in the tropical lowlands surrounding San Luis de Pambil. Travel to other exciting destinations in Ecuador.
  2. Impact! Teaching placements are located in rural primary and secondary schools that lack basic educational resources. As a volunteer teacher, you can make a significant impact on students in under-resourced communities.
  3. Variety! Volunteers may teach English, math, science, social studies, or environmental education. Furthermore, there are many opportunities to get involved in sports coaching and music workshops.
  4. Volunteers also choose to do an independent project that allows them to integrate into the local community through a unique development or cultural project of their design. Projects can include building playground equipment, facilitating arts or sports camps, painting projects, and much more!
  5. Build your resume! In addition to the teaching experience, you may also be involved with marketing and fundraising to facilitate your independent project. Designing and implementing this independent project is also invaluable experience to share with prospective employers or colleges. You can also improve your Spanish language ability and cross-cultural skills. These are great assets that will make your international experience stand out.