LanguageCorps is a premier provider of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification programs. Our programs around the world empower our Teachers to thrive as professionals abroad, living in fascinating locations while gaining valuable experience teaching English.

Programs are available in 22 locations in 20 countries:

  • Asia: Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Europe: Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Russia, Spain, Turkey
  • Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru

Programs vary by country, but all include:

  • Intensive, 140-hour, four-week TEFL/TESOL training and certification course in the country of your choice
  • Pre-departure support
  • Accommodations if desired
  • Assistance finding a paid teaching position that is right for you, with a reputable school

Programs from LanguageCorps

Program Reviews

  • Lola
    Age: 31-50
    University of Virginia
    The program of last resort

    The academic staff are excellent, they are experienced and provide good instruction. There ends the positive review.
    Everything else about this course is cheap and nasty, classroom facilities, Wifi, printing, school/hotel staff/, cleanliness, the Marady hotel, relevance of practice teaching opportunities, these are all third world quality.
    The scary bit is the director of the school/ owner of the hotel can't actually see any problems, if you can, go somewhere else.
    They have now changed the course timetable to squeeze more students through the course and the hotel, increases the money they make but reduces the quality of the experience and training.

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  • Christine
    Age: 51 or older
    Columbia University
    Great experience

    I absolutely loved my experience with Language Corps. I did my program exactly one year ago. I am new to TESOL and was quite impressed with our instructors (especially Nick) and the quality of learning we received. I also really enjoyed my learning in HCMC. Hien and Linh were amazing. I learned so much from them and was so happy with all of the support and friendship they provided for us. I have been teaching in the states for the past year with a plan of having my husband take the course next year when we move to Vietnam. Absolutely can't wait to go back and be with old friends again. Was so much fun.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would say the Malady needs a little work and I wish it wasn't so far out. Also, I was not impressed with our lodging in Sinoukeville. I still can't believe we weren't put somewhere closer to the beach, like Otres. Instead we were far out surrounded by the sex trade. Weird. Next time, we will break away from the group and stay at Otres.

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  • Hannah
    Age: 19-24
    Saint Edward's University
    The Truth about LanguagCorps

    I had high hopes for this program, as I was dropping over $3,000 for the course, flight, immunizations, etc. I signed up for the TESOL Plus program for June of 2013, which meant I was supposed to receive extras besides the basic program, like a host family, spanish classes, and culture classes (it was also $700 more). However, I didn't even get some things that I initially paid for in the basic package.

    LanguageCorps says that assistance with a cultural exchange visa is included in the basic program, however- you actually have to pay the partner institute (EIL) if you want them to sponsor you and assist you with the cultural exchange visa. In addition, they will only do this for you if you end up working for a school in which they partner with (It's confusing, I know). I ended up going with this option, and very much so regretted it. EIL was very disorganized, the staff didn't really know what they were doing, and we had to make numerous additional and unnecessary trips to the bank for our bank account, ministry of foreign affairs, SRI office, etc. due to the disorganizion and lack of communication. We even got deducted pay from the private school we worked at for all of these trips. Not only that, but because of the type of visa, we had to pay about $100 monthly and taxes and health insurance (which was already provided by the school that we were working for). Unless you stay in Ecuador teaching English until April, you lose all the money that was taken from you for taxes.

    The Plus program also claims to include Cultural Awareness classes, but that literally consisted of a one hour lecture on culture. There are no excursions, tours, or anything like that included. They literally talked to us about living with our host families and gave us a map of Quito. We only had Saturdays and Sundays to explore the city and that was very difficult considering the courseload. They have many assignments due on Saturday afternoons which makes it hard to fully enjoy your weekend. Do not anticipate having time to take any trips as well while you're doing the TESOL course. The spanish classes the week before the course were great however, and I enjoyed them. The funny thing is they make it seem like they are going to put you in a class based on your level. However EIL stuck everyone in the same spanish class regardless of level.

    The Plus program claims to include a re-entry package upon return to the United States. This was never provided, and it's still unclear to me what it even entails.

    Besides relying on EIL for our cultural exchange visa, there were other issues we faced with them. While I was lucky and had a great experience with them for my host family, my best friend did not have such luck. Her "host family" consisted of two 23 year olds with a one year old baby, and no internet in the apartment. They would also make her late to classes, wouldn't come home until after 10 p.m. some nights, and yelled at her in front of their entire family for accidentally letting a towel fall on the bathroom floor. We even confronted the director of host familes at EIL and she said, "These things happen. Maybe buy them some chocolate". I kid you not.

    The information on LanguagCorps' website is also very outdated. I know for a fact it hasn't been updated since 2012 (that is when I first started looking at their programs) Also- If you can live somewhere in Ecuador for $100 a month, it must be the jungle or some remote mountain town. Expect to pay minimum $200/300 in a small town, and $400/500 in cuenca or Quito. The beach is even more expensive. The pay can range from $800-$1000+ depending on where you work. Universities are where you really make money.

    Overall, don't believe everything LanguageCorps has to say. Do your own research about Ecuador - however know that there still is very little online when it comes to resources. My friends and I found out the hard way that it's very much who you know. So if you can get to Ecuador through a program, it makes it a lot easier to adapt and get to know the country before having to just live on your own. However, I wouldn't do it through this program. It's misleading, outdated, and their partner school- EIL- isn't very dependable either.

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  • sisely
    Age: 19-24
    Phuket, Thailand
    University of Florida

    LanguageCorps was a great buffer into SE Asia. It made the transition from the states much easier and comfortable. You are surrounded with other people just like you that are interested in the sam journey. Everyone in our program was awesome and really had fun together. That was a great part of the experience. Our instructor, Nick, was completely amazing. He knew everything to a T and was so helpful and really cared about the material. The cost of the program was a little overpriced, especially for the accommodations that we got. The accommodations could of been nicer... but, you are in Cambodia. The weekend trips that LanguagCorps arranged for us were so much fun. They were one of my favorite things about the program. You won't be disappointed with Spiderville and Ankor Wat. Over to Pattaya, Jam, the instructor for this portion of the course was equally as awesome. My teaching practice was with a group of Korean Moms. They were so sweet and I am so lucky I got to teach them. I was proactive and applied for jobs while still in the program, so before I even arrived at the destination I wanted to settle at in Thailand I had an interview. Jam will tell you who's hiring through and other sites that look for foreign teachers but its up to you to find the job. Overall the program was great and I am so glad I chose LanguageCorps. Sure there are easier, cheaper routes but for me it was a great introduction into SE Asia and I met some awesome people!

    How could this program be improved?

    Better accommodations for price

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  • Mallory
    Age: 19-24
    Raleigh, NC
    University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
    A great transition abroad

    Taking this course was a great way to transition to spending an extensive period abroad. From the friends made to a great resource of people of any and all questions that arise abroad. It quickly became family!

    LanguageCorps was such a great resource from the beginning in helping ease the transition abroad. A credible certificate. Great and passionate teachers. And such a great way to make friends abroad!

    If you're looking for a way to work and travel, starting with and getting certified through LangaugeCorps is the best way to go. They make sure you're well prepared for the next steps.

    How could this program be improved?

    More help as far as identifying students needs and how to cater lessons towards them would be helpful.

    Park Guell
    Tibidabo Mountain in Barcelona
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