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A world of possibilities awaits you with Frontier. You could be spending memorable days scuba diving off the brilliant white sand beaches of Fiji or discovering Madagascar on a conservation project with lemurs and chameleons.

Frontier has over 300 projects in 50 countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, giving you unlimited adventures and excursions in beautiful locations. WWith 25 years experience in managing volunteering and adventure travel projects, we can find you the perfect project whatever you want to achieve.

You can contribute to positive change in the future of marginalised communities with one of Frontier's development projects. Teach a class of neglected children in under-funded village schools, before adventuring through forests spotting bush babies and flying foxes, or scuba dive and take part in marine conservation in a protected marine eco park.

Go on a Frontier project and discover an adventure beyond your wildest dreams!

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  • Amy
    Age: 19-24
    Costa Rica Frontier Climate Change/ Big Cats, Primates and Turtles Project

    My time on the Climate Change project in Costa Rica was the best experience of my life! My only regret is that I didn't stay longer. I was naturally a little nervous about flying across the Atlantic on my own for the first time, but mostly excited. I spent a night in Alajuela Backpackers Hostel, which felt safe, before flying to Puerto Jimenez with Nature Air (THE best flight ever!!) PJ is an adorable town full of excitement.
    As soon as I arrived on camp I felt part of the jungle family. Everyone is like-minded so it's really easy and natural to get along with people. A healthy proportion of camp conversation revolved around food- the American's were intrigued and ever so troubled by the concept of a Yorkshire Pudding.
    After the initial shock of humidity and the sheer noise of the jungle I soon fell in love with the Osa Peninsula. Every day was incredible- and unique. Waking up from my hammock at 4am became the norm in order to get to the trails to complete the surveys. The turtle patrols were my favourite surveys as they were so rewarding. Patrolling the beaches involved looking for fresh turtle tracks and relocating the nests if they were laid on part of the beach that is prone to flooding. Hot and sweaty work but seeing the little hatchlings waddle off into the ocean made it all worth it. During my time on the project I was lucky enough to tag an Olive Ridley Turtle which is something I can boast about now and saw two Green Turtles as well as releasing hundreds of hatchlings.
    Other surveys we conducted involved birds, primates, Otters, tracks, scatt, and towards the end of my time, Poison Dart frogs, hummingbirds, butterflies and fauna. Working alongside Osa Conservation was inspiring. They work so so hard to protect the turtles and I felt that I adopted their passion whilst I was there. The staff on the project were also brilliant- who become your friends and share their knowledge with you. I learnt a ridiculous amount while I was on the project and that was 10 weeks, so I would encourage you to go for as long as you can- times flies by!
    EVERYWHERE you went there was something insane- you look up and there's a group of monkeys swinging above you or Scarlett Macaws displaying their magnificent colours. Looking down you would come across Green Leaf-cutter Ants which I think are absolutely fascinating or the occasional fer-de-lance or Cane toad. We even had the privaledge of being home to a Boa Constrictor at one point, the same day as we hosted for 2 King Vultures and a Three-toed Sloth! The jungle never failed to impress us!
    I trekked into Corcovado NP, which was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen (sadly not the same could be said for my feet which had developing 14 blisters) We saw a Tapir!! Tamandua Anteater, Coatis, glass frogs and so much more.
    Food on camp was amazing too- life as a veggie isn't too bad I suppose! Anyway, we took teh Colectivo (local bus equivalent truck type vehicle) into town most weekends where we could buy pizza and burgers, ice cream and even rum for our notorious parties. The culture is vibrant and Agua Luna (bar/club) holds a dear place in my heart- I will be back one day.
    Other activities involved kayaking on the lagoon watching the sun set (with the croc), horse riding along the beach and through the jungle to a waterfall, climbing to the highest point at Piro, swimming in the sea, paddle boarding, the list goes on.

    Honestly, if you're contemplating whether or not to do this project JUST DO IT. Although be prepared to become addicted to wildlife and Costa Rica in general when you return!

    How could this program be improved?

    Some people would say the camp and living standards are basic for the money you pay but I ABSOLUTELY loved the simplicity as its such a contrast to life at home.

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  • Karyn
    Age: 51 or older
    Bristol, NH
    Costa Rica Animal Rescue

    Very beautiful animal rescue -- it needs some help cleaning out the extra trash areas, but very friendly & animals are a priority
    BUT if you are going here BOOK direct. Bring extra cash to go into town to eat often!!

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    Response from Frontier
    Hi Karyn Of course we recognise that it would be cheaper to go direct with the in-country partner. However, please bear in mind that booking through Frontier offers various advantages that you would not have if you went straight to the partner in Costa Rica. Initially, the partner does not have the capability to advertise their programs internationally, so the chances are you would never have heard about them otherwise. Secondly, Frontier has offered you pre-departure support and legal reassurance that would not be provided by a local partner. Our London-based team of volunteer advisors, one of which you had specifically assigned to help you, and all the infrastructure surrounding that, cost significant sums of money to maintain. Finally, the sanctuary very commonly gets booked up, and you would have no way of knowing this until you turned up in Costa Rica hoping to attend the program. I'd also like to mention that Frontier is a not-for-profit organisation, so volunteer contributions go towards the running of our worldwide conservation and community initiatives. Thanks.
  • Alexa
    Age: 18 or younger
    Los Angeles, California
    Life Changing Experience

    My trip to Fiji this summer was life changing. This was my second time traveling with Travel for Teens, but my first community service trip with the company. I made the most incredible memories and met some of my best friends on this trip. Doing something like teaching English and building a toilet for a school in need in a different part of the world is eye opening. I became aware of the world on this trip. One example of this was moment that I will always remember was when I walked into a class room with a few pencils. I didn't think that an average pack of pencils would mean anything, but to these kids, the pencils meant everything. Overall, my experience with Travel for Teens was beyond amazing, and I am looking forward to continue my journeys with Travel for Teens for the next summers to come.

    How could this program be improved?

    Honestly, there is nothing major I would change. But, I had the privilege to have CIT's on my trip. I know that not every trip has a CIT, so in the future I think it would be great for every trip to have a CIT.

    Surrounded by love
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  • Lara
    London, United Kingdom
    University College London
    An Incredible Experience

    From the moment I arrived at the main Jungle camp situated in the lush forest at Piro, I knew that this project would be an unforgettable experience. The camp itself is quite simple yet blends in harmoniously with the jungle which gives it a sense of tranquility which quickly struck me as I settled in to camp life. Although I had some knowledge of the wildlife of the area before my arrival, the density and array of creatures that surrounded me during my stay were beyond what I had ever imagined. From playful squirrel monkeys swinging from the canopy to delicate, brightly coloured butterflies and all manner of wildlife in between, I was constantly in awe of this rich tropical forest. The weekends were spent at the nearest town, Puerto Jimenez, located an hour's drive from the main camp. This was a great opportunity to find out more about the area's culture and lifestyle as well to enjoy the energetic nightlife alongside new friends and locals. One of the highlights for me was the dolphin tour, where we explored the beautiful Golfo Dulce. Snorkeling in the warm tropical water, exploring a mangrove swamp and driving alongside a pod of dolphins were some of the most memorable experiences of the trip. Overall the project was an invaluable learning experience and I will definitely be returning to Costa Rica...two weeks was not enough!

    How could this program be improved?

    I would have stayed longer!

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  • Damion
    Whale of a time with Frontier :))

    Frontier Tenerife Whale and Dolphin Project

    Upon my arrival at the volunteer house in Tenerife I was welcomed in straight away by my fellow volunteers and Xiana,my project co-ordinator. Many of the volunteers had been there for a few weeks before. I was the first male on the project and couldn't wait to get started.

    My first day consisted of household tasks such as preparing the house, cooking duties and the project briefing. To learn the different species and what I would be observing furthered my excitement even more. Although the project was new,it had already had a very good amount of planning and preparation behind it from the volunteer co-ordinator and Tracey who was a volunteer but was now working as a project assistant to Xiana.

    Upon looking at the rota I was very excited to see that I was on four different boat trips throughout the week observing dolphins and pilot whales. The previous year I had undertaken another project with Frontier with the olive ridley sea turtles in Mexico,so my knowledge and CV was being filled with valuable field experience which will help my career into marine biology.

    Everyday on the boats was amazing! To have the open ocean in front of you, the sea breeze, amazing crew, fellow volunteers and of course the pilot whales, made me realise that this is living of the highest order. Upon returning to the house,I had to input my data and recording any photographs we had taken. This allowed us to track the different pods, recording individual pod members and hopefully stand for higher conservation methods in the future for these majestic animals of the ocean.

    Even though I was only on project for a week I was amazed at how quickly everyone worked together, respected each other's cultures and backgrounds and most importantly shared a passion for marine cetaceans. I have made some lifelong friends and even though we will probably never all be together again, I believe that the best photo graphs are the ones that we create in our memories. I certainly have a bucket load of which I'll never forget.

    With smiles and thanks
    Damion Vincent

    How could this program be improved?

    Wi-fi in the house and cap the number of volunteers in case the house is overcrowded

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