Randolph College Abroad: Program in England
Study Abroad in England
Randolph College Abroad Students

Enroll directly and study abroad at the University of Reading, one of England's most prestigious universities. Study abroad students can elect to spend a semester or full academic year here, located just 40 miles west of London. You'll be studying alongside local students and other international students form over 40 different countries. Cultural diversity is definitely a highlight of this study abroad program.

All students are required to take an interdisciplinary seminar entitled "The World in Britain." This seminar gives you the context for many things that you will see and do while in England through a survey of the principal social, political, and cultural developments during the periods 1485-1750 (fall semester) and 1750 to the present (spring semester).

This is an academically strong study abroad program for students interested in the subjects listed below. Please visit our website to learn more about studying abroad in Reading with Randolph College Abroad.