Volunteers for Peace

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Volunteers For Peace (VFP)

Volunteers For Peace is a non-profit organization, founded in 1982, that offers placement in over 3000 voluntary service projects in more than 90 countries. Each year we provide almost 1,000 volunteers with invaluable opportunities to strengthen their ability to communicate in diverse groups, explore grassroots leadership opportunities, and build cultural understanding and connections around the world.

Our affordable registration fee of $500 ($650 for under 18) includes leadership, food, accommodation, and work materials. Each project incorporates volunteer work with cultural exchange among a group of international volunteers. Work types include work with children, environmental, agriculture, renovation, construction, disaster relief work, festivals and more!

Volunteers can serve for 2-3 weeks in an international group up to 1 year independently. We also arrange custom projects for families, student and community groups and other unique situations. Contact us today!