career israel

Career Israel provides students with internship opportunities in Israel that reflect their professional goals. Interns are guided through the internship process by professionals in their field, and many internships can be confirmed before arrival. Guidance on interview practices are also available to best prepare intern for their first impression as well as professional development tips throughout their internship program.

Five reasons to intern with us!

Professional Development. Develop your skills on an international level by completing an internship in Israel. Students who intern abroad have a sizable advantage over other future job applicants without this experience.

Support! Career Israel supports interns throughout their internships. From interview assistance to checking up during your internship to ensure you are getting the best experience possible.

Location! Explore Israel, interact with locals, and gain a better understanding of the diversity of opinion in Israel.

Variety! There are a variety of internships available in Israel, interested applicants are encouraged applicants are encouraged visit the Career Israel website to learn more about interning in Israel.

The internship culture in Israel is still relatively new, and Career Israel seeks to provide new and upcoming internships to students who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity.