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Based in Birmingham, Michigan, Panrimo is an intern and study abroad provider committed to offering travel experiences that connect you to world culture. We keep our excursion groups small, our focus on the student, and the experience immersive to give program participants the best overseas experience possible.

Panrimo: What it means

Eons ago, the world was one land mass called Pangaea. Thanks to land bridges, ancient travelers could go anywhere they wanted on foot! Unfortunately, as Pangaea broke into separate continents, traveling became more difficult. Panrimo reconnects the world, making it easier for you to follow in your ancestors' steps.

In fact, that's what our name is all about: "pan" for Pangaea, on world, and "rimo", the Latin word for explore.

This is your journey, and we'll take you there!

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  • Jenny
    Age: 19-24
    Michigan State University
    It's on you

    The placement process for Panrimo was frustrating. There was a lack of communication and a mix up with the length of my program. I had originally applied and paid a deposit for a 16 week program and found out three months later that I was only going to be interning for 12 weeks. I was not placed at my internship or given my housing placement until two weeks before I left for Madrid. Once I arrived in Madrid my onsite coordinator was very helpful in showing me my apartment and how to get to the city center. I lived on the outskirts of Madrid quite far from where I worked, about a 35 minute commute. I also lived alone, which was great when I had friends come visit, but bad when I was alone when my bathroom flooded or when my power went out. My internship at Bike Spain Tours was great, all my coworkers were very kind and accommodating. I learned a lot from this experience and definitely gained an even stronger sense of independence, but if I did not already have experience living in Spain I think I would have felt very isolated.

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    Response from Panrimo
    Hi Jenny! We're pleased to hear that your internship was a great fit and that your coworkers were kind and accommodating. We're also glad that Laura was very helpful, she's an excellent on-site coordinator! We do apologize that you experienced a lack of communication during the application process. Our staff in the US and abroad work extremely hard to make sure that we communicate clearly, and we are committed to improving this. One of the biggest benefits of living and working abroad is the independence that students experience, and the skills and maturity that they develop. We are continually adding more activities for students and coordinators to make sure there is a strong sense of community, without impeding independent exploration. Your feedback is very helpful for us as we continue to expand our program in Madrid and other locations. Thank you for taking the time to review us, and best wishes for all your future travels!
  • Carly
    Age: 19-24
    Bay City, Michigan
    Saginaw Valley State University
    Prague is the BEST!

    My time in Prague changed me for the better, entirely! Panrimo's support before, during, and after my program took loads of stress off of me so I could better enjoy my time abroad. Strolling the cobblestone streets of Prague instilled in me an appreciation for living on such old land that so many Greats inhabited before me. My perspective of life shifted as I became more aware of how big and diverse the world is! Without the help of Panrimo and their wonderful advisors, I would have never had an opportunity such as this. I felt as though the program was organized and clear and I was comfortable knowing I had the support, feedback and advice of my Panrimo advisors and coordinators at my disposal. Because Panrimo is a smaller, more intimate study abroad provider, I felt like I was important to them. This was also a comfort because I know it is possible with larger providers to become lumped and lost among hundreds of other study abroad students. There were a handful of other Panrimo students with me there and we did participate in planned group activities sometimes, but I also felt like I had the freedom to take trips of my own and create my own schedule, which was very nice!

    St. Vitus Cathedral
    Overlooking the city
    The Church of Our Lady Tyn as seen from Old Town Square
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  • Hannah
    Age: 19-24
    Portland, Oregon
    Perfect Experience for Independent Student

    I couldn't have asked for a better experience living abroad in Madrid. That being said, I know that my experience here with Panrimo would not suit everyone. Panrimo provided me with the most amazing Madrid contact (Laura) who was always available if I needed help, and made the excursions culturally significant as well as fun. Madrid is a fantastic city, so I was surrounded by opportunities to get involved with other international students and the local community. Unlike most study abroad programs from the U.S., I was not part of a large group of American students and lived in an apartment with Erasmus students. This was great for me because I am fine with taking the initiative to meet people/socialize, but I can see where this would be out of some students' comfort zones. That being said, I think that one of the most valuable aspects of my experience has been the variety of different people I've met from all over the world--something that a lot of my friends in programs have missed out on. The living situation put me in the perfect location at the heart of the city.
    One of the biggest issues I had with the program was Panrimo's 'Hispanic Studies' contact at the Universidad de Carlos III, who provided hardly any support. She made multiple errors in documents that were required for me to obtain my Visa, which led to the process being more challenging than it had to be. My classes at the Universidad de Carlos III were in English and not easy. Many of the courses I took were translated from Spanish and taught by professors who really shouldn't have been teaching in English. This communication gap in combination with the Spanish style of teaching definitely made advanced subjects harder. I was grateful to be able to continue my degree studies in Madrid, though, and it was fantastic being able to meet people in my major from all over the world.

    How could this program be improved?

    Leonor (the "coordinator" of the Hispanic Studies program for UC3M) is terrible and provided absolutely nothing. A lot of the logistics regarding school, Visas, and transitioning (SIM card, metro pass, bank account) were left up to me to figure out, although Laura was quick to offer assistance in any way she could.

    Trip to Segovia!
    Cultural excursion to Toledo
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  • Rosa
    Age: 19-24
    New York, NY
    Lehman College
    Journalism internship in Madrid's finest magazine

    If you're looking for an internship to help broaden your experience in every way, then this is the internship for you.

    The magazine I worked for (Guidepost) was a blessing. I literally took control of all aspects of journalism, and also helped to advertise. I must admit, it was not what I was expecting. This internship is not a strict structured internship, but they have a flexibility that allows you to take full advantage of the internship or not. The choice is really yours. Work days consist of short meetings two days a week. Other than that you are expected to experience the Madrid life and search for stories.

    The program itself allows you to gain a sense of its culture. They schedule day trips and activities to help you to get to know Spain. While still allowing you to explore the country itself.

    This experience will be as productive and fun as you make.

    How could this program be improved?

    My one complaint would be housing.

    Not everyone was satisfied with their housing situation, but from our experiences in the homes we were placed in we gained life long friends and new connections that in-turn introduced us to new parts of the city.

    Like I said before, this experience is what you make of it. So, don't spend time complaining, enjoy!

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  • Teresa
    Age: 19-24
    San Francisco, California
    San Francisco State University
    Absolutely perfect location and great program

    From the initial application process to being abroad, Panrimo staff were on top of being there checking in on me and other participants. Prague was an absolutely beautiful, international, and safe city that will forever hold great memories for me. The details of my internship with the National Museum was a little unclear at first, but it was smooth to work out with the employer and Panrimo the expectations after arrival to Czech Republic. There is definitely great opportunity to bond with your program buddies, and Sam and Fillip are awesome guys who take care of you. The biggest thing to know is that this program is what you make of it, so don't get discouraged too easily and know that you have to put in some effort to meet others, but once you break out of your bubble you will meet some of the greatest people in this wonderful city.

    How could this program be improved?

    There could be more detailed and concrete job descriptions for the internships, just for preparation process. However, the communication between Panrimo and the participants is absolutely spot on.

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