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Panrimo Study & Intern Abroad Programs

Panrimo is a company born of a friendship established between co-founders Paul and Tony while studying at Western Michigan University. Because of their mutual interests in travel, seeing new places, and the desire to avoid a monotonous college life, Paul and Tony put their heads together to come up with "Panrimo." Described as "an odd name for a serious decision," it salutes both Pangea (yes, the super connected super continent!) and the Latin word for explore, "rimo," thus denoting their underlying message- travel better, in a world that's connected better.

Panroamer alumni are guaranteed lifetime admittance into the Panrimo Travel Club - this includes access to free airport pick up in Panrimo's host countries, access to Panrimo coordinators in partner cities, letters of recommendation from the founders, visa and passport assistance, international travel advice, and access to Panrimo's excursions and cultural immersion activities - for life!