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Is Grenoble For You? Nestled in the southern French Alps mountain range, Grenoble is one of the best college towns in all of France. The city has a relaxed atmosphere with just over 150,000 people, making Grenoble the ideal place to learn French.

Is Lyon For You? Lyon is one of the greatest secrets of France. Not only is it the center of world cooking, it has some of the best Roman ruins. Lyon is perfect for students seeking courses taught in English with local Lyonnais classmates, and in a city without many tourists.

Is Paris For You? The city where everything flourishes past excess. European architecture built more defiantly. Politics felt for passionately. And philosophy argued more intently. It is Paris breeding this love and commitment in everything its people do. Take in a gallery, go see a show, or simply read and write the senses enveloping you, making dreaming a full-time job.


This program is designed for the serious French-learning student - held at the University of Grenoble Stendhal, and nestled in the mountains (and with courses only taught in French!), attending this university is the perfect immersion for students to rapidly develop their French language proficiency. This program is available for a semester or a short term summer session, with housing options varying dependent on the program. Inclusive program excursions include weekend trips to Paris and Lyon!


Study abroad in Lyon, where Panrimo partners with University of Lyon 3 to offer a variety of course options taught in English across many subject areas. French courses are also available to students from all levels of language study. Did you know Lyon is the world's center of gastronomy and regional cooking? Delight your taste buds and other senses as you explore this city and avoid the tourist traps!

These different study abroad opportunities with Panrimo offer something for every student wanting to study abroad in France. Check the Panrimo website for more information!