Children in an orphanage in Romania

Global Volunteers' Romanian presence began in 2004 to concentrate on helping at-risk and disabled children improve their access to social, educational, health, and security resources. We are seeking volunteers to look after orphaned and impoverished young children and to teach English in middle and high schools in Barlad, Romania. Whatever their home situation may be, babies, toddlers, and adolescents appreciate encouragement and affection from adults. Volunteers can help add to a lifetime of development and improve young lives!
Global Volunteers partners with three local organizations:
* St. Nicholas Childrens' Hospital: specializing in care of underweight, disabled and abandoned babies
* Child Protective Services: operates safe places and stimulating atmospheres for vulnerable kids throughout Vaslui County.
* Vaslui Department of Education: promoting opportunites for teachers and students to practice conversational English in group and classroom settings.
* Volunteers don't need special skills to care for kids of all ages.