Programs and Reviews

COINED, Comision de Intercambio Educativo, is a non-profit organization which since 1971, has been active in the field of intercultural exchange and international education. In 1985, COINED founded its first Spanish school to function as the academic branch of the organization.

COINED offers Spanish courses in multiple countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Honduras, and Peru, to name a few. COINED's aim for Spanish immersion is to teach Spanish in a setting that will allow participants to appreciate each unique and diverse culture, while achieving fluency in Spanish. The importance of exploring each country and each city outside the realm of the classroom is of utmost importance; Spanish immersion experiences are not only about achieving fluency, but gaining an appreciation and understanding of a new and fascinating culture.

COINED International is an industry leader in the Latin American educational field. With dozens of schools throughout the Latin American world, internship opportunities and volunteer options, COINED ensures a life-changing experience abroad while you gain professional skills and develop Spanish language skills. Internships are available in major cities throughout the Latin American world, so inquire and join COINED for an amazing international internship experience today!