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As any ESL Teacher can tell you, finding a good teaching job abroad can be difficult. Similarly, a lot of ESL schools feel that finding a good teacher is equally difficult. This is where we at Reach To Teach come in. Our motto is matching great teachers with great schools.

There are a lot of ESL jobs available abroad, however it can be difficult to find one which matches your wants and needs. Reach To Teach is here to help. We carefully screen all our schools to ensure our teachers know as much as possible about their school and the contract they will be signing. You can feel comfortable and confident moving overseas knowing what your job will be like. Best of all, our services are 100% free!

Reach To Teach

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  • South Korea arrival day for EPIK and SMOE
    South Korea
    Reach To Teach has over 40 years of ESL teaching and recruitment experience with offices in the South Korea, USA, and Taiwan...
    56 reviews
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    Staff Interviews
    This program has been rated exceedingly supportive by 5+ reviewers.
  • Children in a Taiwanese classroom
    Do you enjoy travel? Do you enjoy being around children? Do you think you have what it takes to be a creative and...
    34 reviews
    Staff Interviews
    This program has been rated exceedingly supportive by 5+ reviewers.
  • China
    Reach to Teach has positions with English language learners of every age. You may teach Kindergarten classes to children...
    12 reviews
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    Staff Interviews
  • Teach English in Abu Dhabi, UAE
    United Arab Emirates
    The Reach To Teach teach abroad program in the United Arab Emirates draws professional teachers from all over the world. Our...

Program Reviews

  • S.
    Age: 31-50
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    University of North Carolina- Charlotte
    Stress Relievers

    I loved my experience teaching English for the past 3 years in the Republic of Georgia and wanted to continue traveling to other parts of the world. After successfully completing the S. Korean application program, events occurred that abruptly ejected me from participating in that program. I was shocked and depressed about it and anxious about my near future plans of continuing to teach overseas.

    But Carrie and John of Reach to Teach were not only extremely professional, but also extremely supportive in helping me find an alternate opportunity in China.

    In thinking back over the entire process of applying for S. Korea and China, I now see how attentive and nurturing they were through both processes. Applying for foreign employment is not easy to navigate sometimes (even more so with Asian countries). S. Korea particularly is a gauntlet of hurdles and hoops with zero room for error. With that said, their knowledge, contacts, and experience were that much more useful in making a stressful experience, manageable and less stressful.

    I don't know much about other agencies in this field, but I would highly recommend these guys for really knowing and caring about what they do.

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  • Stephanie
    Age: 25-30
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    University of Wisconsin- Madison
    Great for newbies

    For anyone looking to get involved in the 'teaching abroad' community this is a great company to go with. They help you with different options available (both between countries and within) and help with the app process along the way. They can be as involved as you want them to be as they are always available, but not overly pushy with information. Their services are free (seems too good to be true) and someone is always around to answer your questions. There is not much they do after your placement but they are there should you have questions. Just the right amount of help for me, personally.

    How could this program be improved?

    Probably have more access to alumni that have completed the program should new applicants have more specific questions.

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  • Christopher
    Age: 31-50
    Queensland University of Technology
    Considerate agency

    The first thing that comes to mind with regards to Reach To Teach is the concern they show for the well being of applicants. From the get go I always felt the importance Reach To Teach places on matching the right person to the right position! Next week I leave for Guangzhou to work at Wall Street English. Reach To Teach made it easy.

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  • Megan
    Age: 25-30
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Brock University
    Highly Recommended!

    Moving to Taiwan was a spontaneous decision that could not have happened without the help of and encouragement from Reach to Teach. After receiving a reminder that my TESL's groupon would soon expire, I figured I should do the course. Then, after completing the course, I figured I should have a look at what the ESL market had to offer.
    I was immediately attracted to Reach to Teach owing to it's stellar ratings and reviews and decided to send them my documents to get more information. The next morning I had a warm and exciting email waiting from Carrie providing me with thorough information on the process. Her professionalism, passion for ESL Education and the expat life in Asia had me immediately hooked on the idea of moving to Taiwan. Through her incredible efforts, I was beginning my training at a great school (Kojen American School) in Taipei, less than a month later.

    Since then, Reach to Teach has regularly checked in and hosted some fantastic events for teachers. I have not had any issues this far with relocating, getting set up in Taiwan or with the school I have been placed with. Carrie and the rest of the staff at Reach to Teach offered such sound advice on how to prepare, and have solid relationships with the schools they work with, ensuring an easy transition.

    I would highly recommend Reach to Teach to anyone considering teaching overseas!

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  • Steve
    Age: 31-50
    University of Missouri- Columbia
    Nothing but a Positve Experience.

    This review is being written half way through my first year teaching in China - so it does lack a perspective that compares RTT with other avenues to one might take to find a teaching position here. That being said, I feel not only satisfied, but very fortunate that I chose to work with them.

    Every step of the way I found the staff (I interacted with Rick Goodman primarily), to be friendly, prompt with replies, willing to take time to address any and all questions, and honest with their answers. I have also found that I could rely on RTT to continue to assist me with these very same qualities after my contract had been signed and I was living in China. When I try to think of something to relate that perhaps could have been better with my experience with them, I find I am just staring at the screen blankly - which is honestly a very refreshing surprise!

    As I plan on continuing to teach in China I am highly likely to continue to think of RTT first, and would recommend them without hesitation.

    How could this program be improved?

    I really tried to think of some something critical to offer - but could think of nothing outside of the absurd ( cupcakes on Tuesdays???)

    RTT has honestly meet any and every expectation I think one could reasonably have - at least from a first-timers perspective.

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