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Included: Personalized Pre-departure Advising; Tuition & Registration; Travel Medical Insurance; On-site Orientation; Housing; Volunteer Opportunities; On-site Staff Support; Excursions and Cultural Engagement; Host Institution Services & Amenities and more. Scholarships available.
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Some Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Classes Travel Insurance
Feb 15, 2022
Feb 23, 2023
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Imagine spending a semester in Paris, the embodiment of fine art, cuisine, fashion, and more. Home to one of the world’s most beautiful skylines, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, and the enchanting Seine River, Paris has an incredible history. Experience the beauty of Paris easily by taking the Metro or with the city’s famed public bike system.

Choose from a wide range of courses offered in both English and French. CEA partners with Paris-Sorbonne University, The Catholic University of Paris, and ESSCA Ecole de Management and has a Paris Study Center. You can take courses at one of these partner institutions, at the CEA Paris Study Center, or enroll in hybrid learning program.

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  • Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
  • Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
  • Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
  • Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
  • Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions


CEA Scholarships

CEA Scholarships and Financial Aid

Studying abroad will change your life, improve your employability, and enhance your global competence. That's why we commit more than $2.0 million each year to our financial and scholarship programs.

$400 - $3,000

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  • Academics 4.05
  • Support 4.7
  • Fun 4.35
  • Housing 4.5
  • Safety 4.75
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Yes, I recommend this program

CEA Paris 2006

I started learning French at the advice of one of my favorite middle school special education teachers. After a year or so, my mom went on a business trip to Paris, I decided I wanted to eventually go to Paris to sharpen my French. It was so much fun studying at the Institut Catholique and exploring the city. Paris is so easy to navigate and there are so many neat things to see and do! I stayed with a family on Blvd Blanqui but on the last week of my trip, they left me to go on vacation and I never saw them again. I do hope they're doing well. I would like to come back to Paris at some point either next year or the year after and maybe reconnect with them if possible.

  • Paris is so easy to get around!
  • Lots of neat things to see and do!
  • Homesickness (it was my first time outside the U.S plus I was 18 and fresh out of high school)
  • Being abandoned by my host family the last week of my trip
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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Hi Margaret! Merci for sharing your study abroad experience in Paris! How wonderful that you were inspired to sharpen your French language skills and made it happen during your studies. I hope you get back there too and can reconnect with your host family who made all the difference!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An immersive cultural experience!

Studying in Paris with CEA was an incredible experience. The classes offered allowed me to explore my interests while fulfilling classes needed to graduate (they offered a lot of courses that easily transferred to general electives and even some major classes. The workload was clear and easily manageable, and the classes themselves were super interesting. In my architecture class, we would have weekly excursions to on-site locations we had previously studied in class, which was a really great way to get to know new parts of the city. I also took a French language class at the Sorbonne. I got to meet international students and get exposed to the French education system. The class met for 2 hours 5 days a week and also had a phonetics component which really helped me with my pronunciation. However, I would say this class isn’t for everyone because it was definitely difficult to get adjusted to the French teaching style, and was a big time commitment for just one class. The studio I stayed in was modern and had everything necessary for a comfortable semester. The support from the staff was above and beyond my expectations. They were always quick to respond to any questions or maintenance requests, and were really easy to talk to and ask about the city. They were really friendly and always ready to give recommendations on things to do in the city and even helped me buy a train pass when I travelled around France. The program also did a really great job into helping us immerse ourselves into Parisian life and French culture. The excursions around Paris were my favorite part because I got to discover new parts of the city and explore a really wide variety of interests (from a France v. Germany soccer match to seeing a modern dance show at the Opera Garnier!) The weekend trips that are included in the program were something that I really enjoyed because we got to see unique parts of the country while having everything pre-planned out for us.

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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Thank you for your review, Tali! We appreciate your thorough reflection of your time in Paris with CEA, as it will serve as a guide for future students researching their own study abroad programs. Be sure to stop by and say “bonjour” the next time you’re in Paris, and we wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks for the best semester!

Studying abroad with CEA was the adventure of a lifetime. It has inspired me to do so much more travel in my life and I can't wait to go back to Paris! The onsite and offsite staff were so helpful and kind throughout the whole process and made the experience enjoyable. Our professors took us on amazing field trips to places like the louvre and the opera house. I've never had so much fun while going to class, and there was still enough time for me to take plenty of trips. They helped me find an internship, which was such a valuable experience to add on to my semester abroad. I feel so much more prepared to graduate after having so many unique and rewarding experiences throughout the semester. I'll never forget what an incredible semester I had in Paris with CEA.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Squid ink pasta with a sea urchin sauce...surprisingly really good!!
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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful review, Alexis! We are thrilled to hear you had the “adventure of a lifetime” with CEA. It makes us so happy to hear your kind words about the staff, academics, travels and your internship! Your review will help guide future CEA students when researching their own study abroad programs. Be sure to stop by and say "bonjour” the next time you find yourself in Paris, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Dream Come True

I have always dreamed of studying abroad and CEA made this a reality for me. They had the most classes that could transfer back into my degree — I even had the option of choosing the courses that most interested me, which was hard to find through other programs. The communication between staff and students is excellent. Just before orientation my flight to Paris was cancelled, but they were patient and attentive in making sure I still had a smooth transition into my semester in France. My studio apartment was very small (or should I say Parisian) but very comfortable. CEA was quick to respond to any housing issues we had; our washing machine broke and was fixed in a matter of two days. This communication is consistent with the professors as well. Their expectations are clear, the workload is considerate and manageable, and (in my experience) the courses are very gears towards cultural immersion. My art history classes often took place on location in the city, so we could take full advantage of studying away from our home institutions. Excursions were well planned and lots of fun. I also loved that excursions with available spots were always opened up to the remainder of the student body, so I was able to jump on even more trips and workshops. The staff was also a valuable resource for Parisian life — often giving me great food recommendations or travel suggestions — and were genuinely concerned with my learning experience and well being. Finally, I also really valued that my experience was so individual. Studying with CEA forced me out of my comfort zone and onto the streets of a foreign country. I learned a lot and am now headed home with memories I will cherish forever. That being said, if you are looking for a study abroad experience that caters more towards maintaining an American identity or fostering a relationship within the student body, this may not be the program for you.

What would you improve about this program?
That being said, I do believe that students would definitely benefit from more interaction with French students or youth. I loved my experience, but it did definitely leave room for more international or community relationships. With such a candid audience of impressionable students, they could absolutely use that to opportunity participate more (or create a presence within) the community.
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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Abby, we are grateful for your thoughtful review and are so glad to hear you had a great experience with CEA in Paris. We also appreciate your candid feedback and are always working to incorporate student suggestions to improve our programs. You share so many of the same sentiments as many of our CEA Paris alumni! We’re proud to have a great team there to work with wonderful students such as yourself. Your detailed review and notes on cultural immersion opportunities will help guide future students when they’re choosing their own study abroad program. Be sure to stop by and say “bonjour” the next time you find yourself in Paris!

Eiffel Tower at sunset
Yes, I recommend this program

If Paris is your destination, go with CEA

Bonjour Bonjour

I studied abroad Fall of 2017 for one semester with CEA, and truly it wasn't long enough! From pre-departure to arrival and everything in between, CEA is with you every step of the way. I applied about 7 months in advance which gave me a travel voucher of $750 to help with my flight expenses. The pre-depature was made easy as I was throughly told what to do from the start and what needed to get done before I left. Upon arrival to Paris, I was given multiple presentations to help adapt with the culture and how to deal with unexpected situations which made me feel more comfortable being in a new city that I had never been to before. I took classes at Cours Civilization Français a la Sorbonne Monday-Friday and took French language classes. Overall my experience was one in a lifetime. Expect to make life long friends and have tons of fun on the adventures that CEA takes you on. My favorite thing about Paris was watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night. I honestly can't wait to go back and I'm so thankful to have had the experience that I did with CEA!

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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Thank you for your thoughtful review, Kiara! We’re so glad you grew from a fantastic experience studying abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris with CEA, and made lifelong friends. Be sure to stop by and say hello should you find yourself in Paris again!

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Program

At CEA, you don't just study while abroad, you study while being so immersed into the local culture and city. I only spent about half of my class periods in the actual classroom - we were always out in the city with our professors (who are brilliant, btw) and learning through seeing and doing! I really recommend CEA in any city, but CEA Paris was amazing as a francophile and lover of French culture.

Above that, CEA provides so much support from the second you apply and even after you return home. I loved CEA Paris that I am returned again as a last semester senior, and the CEA staff have done SO much to make sure I get everything I need out of the program. I didn't expect to receive so much from them the second time around, but the staff has been endlessly helpful and I can't wait to return!

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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Kayla, thank you for sharing your review! We are so glad to hear your experience with CEA was a positive one, and be sure to stop in and say hello should you find yourself in Paris again! Best of luck with all your pursuits!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Housing Arrangements Ever!!

Every summer my university offers an internship opportunity in Paris, but this was the first time my school used CEA to take care of students' logistics (e.g., housing, health insurance). Last year there were nine of us in total going to Paris (plus our professor who did not live with us!). Before coming to Paris we were told that most likely we would all be living in different parts of the city. However, CEA pulled some magic tricks and managed to place us all in two apartments in the same apartment building in one of the wealthiest areas of Paris. And not only this, but my apartment also had a view of the Eiffel Tower!!!! It was spacious for a Parisian apartment, and was nicely decorated. My classmates and I had everything we needed from an iron and washer to a pizza cutter and rice cooker. The CEA center also had additional appliances that we could request, like extra forks, fans, and even hair straighteners. We did have some problems with our shower, but the CEA staff was very responsive and sent someone to repair it the next day after we reported it. They had also told us that the apartment would come with no TV, but it did. This was great because we were able to get a small peak at what French television shows are like, but also because once a week all of my classmates and I would get together to make crepes and watch a movie afterwards. Overall, I really enjoy our housing arrangements. I loved sitting by my window feeling the night breeze and admiring the Eiffel Tower! It truly felt like home and allowed my classmates and I to bond and become like a family!

What would you improve about this program?
Since I came to Paris with other students from my university, I mainly hung out with them. We also did not take classes that CEA offers because of the nature of our custom program. My classmates and I would have class once a week at the CEA center with our professor. I would have liked for there to be more opportunities to connect with the other CEA students and staff on the weekends or in the afternoons. I remember they would also post on the door at the CEA center what events were going on in the city that week but I would have liked to receive that information electronically as well.
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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Gemma, we are pleased you enjoyed your custom internship abroad experience with us. Thank you for the feedback on better ways to communicate local activities. We are always looking to improve our programming and have shared your thoughts with our staff.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Engineering My Life in Paris

Being apart of the engineering program at CEA was an interesting experience. This had been the first semester that the program was offered so there were some things that they were testing out for the first time. Overall, the engineering classes weren't terrible. They were different than those offered in the states though. They got two pretty great professors for us and one who was very disorganized with planning. This made learning hard in that class because all of us were unsure of what we needed to know. My other class that I took at CEA was amazing! The professor was great and took pride in her job and showing us a different side of Paris. The only thing I would really change about my stay here is where I chose to live. I lived in the dorm and we did not have reliable WiFi the entire semester. CEA was very helpful about that issue though. Besides that, the dorm was just some rules, some of which were included in the agreement, and some that weren't, that were just rather strange and made no sense. I loved being able to explore Paris on my own time and being able to travel within Europe though during my stay.

What would you improve about this program?
Having organized professors, dorms with wifi, and classes that focus on the practicality of the applications and not just the theory.
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Response from CEA Study Abroad

Thanks, Lauren, for your review. We are always looking for ways to improve our programs, so we appreciate your insight. We will utilize your feedback as we continue to evaluate and adapt our programming.

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