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We have undergone a bit of a change lately. We are still dedicated to offering travelers meaningful, stimulating and responsible travel experiences around the world but we are now (drumroll please) part of the Twin Group - an award-winning work experience, internship, and education provider.

That's all lovely to say, but what does this mean for you? Well, we are still as responsible, meaningful and stimulating, but now we're even more focused on making you stand out from the crowd!

Our forces have combined to offer you the best opportunity to excel in your chosen field, no matter what stage of life you are at. We offer a wide range of fantastic volunteer and work opportunities abroad and are dedicated in ensuring that you have the best travel experience possible!

We're dedicated to your future - and we're a friendly, approachable bunch too!

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  • Alessandro
    Age: 25-30
    Great Experience!

    Hi, my name is Alessandro and I come from Italy.
    I did an internship via Twin that helped me to growth. I spent 16 weeks in an international distribution company in London dedicated to the worldwide sales of documentaries. Twin helped me to find this internship and to pass the inevitable interview.
    This experience gave me the necessary basis to enter in the working world and improved my English.

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  • Vincent
    Age: 19-24
    I am in Nantes, France
    Internship in a Human Resources in a British company.

    I made an internship of 6 weeks in a London-based company.
    My work consisted in booking interpreting sessions for patients who do not speak English in Great British hospitals.
    At the beginning, it was a bit hard to communicate in English with people over the phone but I got used to it bit by bit. At the stage of 3-4 weeks I was familiarised with the language and I could talk easily with others.
    Going abroad is the best way to learn more about both English corporate and social culture.
    I strongly spur students who like English culture to go abroad to discover more, and improve their language level.

    How could this program be improved?

    If I had one thing to change concerning this internship would be the accomodation.
    My family was not very nice because of money and health issues of my host person.
    Furthermore, my room was not very wide and I did not have enough space to move into it.
    The rest of this experience was great.

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    Response from Twin Work and Volunteer
    Thank you very much for your honest review. We at TWIN Work & Volunteer are really glad that over all you enjoyed your experience in London. We are also extremely grateful for your productive criticism. We always try to make sure our host families are fully vetted, so our participants are well taken care of and safe. However, we will do our best to improve that in the future.
  • Cresha
    Age: 25-30
    Bellingham Washington
    Western Washington University
    A reAlly great experience!

    I volunteered in Nepal for almost 3 months teaching English and doing women's empowerment! What an amazing experience and great way to give back to an awesome travel experience! Twin helped and supported me from the beginning and my Nepali volunteer house was everything I needed for an impactful experience!

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