Since its establishment in 2006 CRCC Asia LLC has become the leading provider of internships in China, with over 3,500 students placed in recent years

Our China Internship Program in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or Hong Kong allows participants to gain professional work experience in China's booming economy. Internship credit is available through an online course from Golden Gate University. We also run China Study programs, allowing participants to develop their professional knowledge through our Business & Finance course or Chinese Language Program.

With 24/7 support from our teams on the ground in each location, you can be assured of a great internship experience

CRCC Asia has offices in Beijing, London, Madrid, Shanghai, Sydney, San Francisco, Shawnee and Venice

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  • Madwa-Nika
    Age: 25-30
    Montreal, Canada
    Everything I needed and more

    During the months of April and May 2015, I had the great privilege to complete a two-month internship at a Chinese law firm in Beijing, through CRCC Asia. The idea to benefit from a professional experience abroad had crossed my mind a few months earlier. When it became clear that I wanted to pursue an internship abroad, I immediately chose China. What had emanated from some research because of my curiosity became an ongoing learning experience during those two months that I will never regret!

    I applied to CRCC Asia because, after researching other internship placement options, it seemed to me that the CRCC Asia Program was wide-ranging enough to offer me the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of the innovative way law is practiced in China, with a privileged glance on the fundamental aspects of international business. China has the world's fastest-growing economy and is undergoing what has been described as a second industrial revolution. China is one of the world's top exporters and is attracting record amounts of foreign investment. To be introduced on a practical basis to the main legal issues arising from the globalisation of the world economy and to gain some experience delivering international standards of excellence in a stimulating unique environment, I knew that that internship with the CRCC Asia program was the key.

    CRCC Asia provided me with the opportunity to complete my internship in a Chinese law firm consisting of more than 200 legal professionals and considered as one of the oldest and largest private full-service partnership law firms in China. My department specialized in facilitating legal services to multinationals, domestic companies, and individuals for both inbound and outbound investment. As an intern, I drafted and amended legal research documents, performed market research and sector analysis, attended contract meetings with colleagues and potential international clients, and practiced my presentation and interpersonal skills by briefing my supervisor on my research and individual projects. I really felt like part of the team!

    Thirdly, thanks to CRCC Asia, during the very first days, I learnt the difference between visiting another country and living there. In fact, it was even refreshing to be destabilized from my usual environment. It was also good to be able to lean on someone who knows the place for any enquiries I had regarding the attractions, public transportation, fake money or fake alcohol, and cultural differences to pay attention to. With an amusing quiz testing our knowledge on China's demographic and economic portraits, Sheree and Gogo, our two Program Managers, introduced us to this big city's survival tips. How do we use our transportation cards? How do we read directions on bus stops since they are only in Chinese characters? How do we give business cards (yes, it matters a lot!)? All of this was eased thanks to these two friendly women who made us comfortable to ask questions - even the most ridiculous ones - from day one.

    Also, if you have never been to China, the first thing that will strike you upon arrival is how you definitely need more Mandarin than "Nihao" and "Xie Xie" to get around in Beijing. In Western countries, we can easily find people with a minimal comprehension of English, and if not, it is quite possible to jabber some Italian or Portuguese thanks to our basic knowledge of Latin idioms. However, in Beijing, understanding each other is a massive challenge! Fortunately, with CRCC Asia, some Mandarin classes are included.

    It is undoubtedly a well-structured program with constant support for your wellbeing, from the day you apply to the moment you will come back to your country. However, don't believe that, because of that, you won't have time to visit the city! First, the accommodation where all the CRCC interns lived was excitingly located in the District 798, where we can find several art pieces from Chinese artists. This area had such a modern energy! On our second day there, we visited the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, which was organized by CRCC. Catch a cab and quickly you can be in Sanlitun, the district that could be in any other international city with its infinite futurist towers and its trendy bars full of expatriates. On our second weekend in Beijing, we were offered the opportunity to climb the Great Wall and to camp by it for a night. You cannot go to Beijing for an extended period of time without seeing the Beijing Acrobatics Show, a classic of the Chaoyang Theatre, since the history of acrobatic shows in China has been existent for more than two thousand years. We saw it as well, courtesy of CRCC.

    Finally, we also had the opportunity to meet other expatriates and feel like, as interns, we were part of the whole Beijing young expatriates community. If some cultural or business event for expatriates was held, CRCC Asia never failed to invite us. I performed some community service, attended networking events held by the British Chamber of Commerce, and even assisted to a Seminar at the Residence of the Ambassador of New Zealand. If these activities were incredibly intrinsically enriching, they were also great opportunities to meet like-minded young professionals and students from around the globe, to develop a lasting network of business connections, and, of course, to establish treasured new friendships.

    Considering everything I gained, my experience with CRCC Asia undeniably provided me with everything I needed...and more. What I wanted to acquire from this internship program was the ability to run into unfamiliar situations with confidence. I did get that confidence; however, what I did not know before leaving Canada is that, thanks to CRCC, Beijing is now a place that I can call home.

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  • Hayley
    Age: 25-30
    Wollongong, Australia
    University of Wollongong
    Helping get you settled in Frantic Shanghai!

    The people at CRCC were great! From the first meeting in Australia, to getting of the plane and being greeted by water and cookies, everyone went the extra mile to make us feel supported. Besides organising accommodation and visas, it's being paired up with a business that is really priceless! Organised activities and plenty of opportunities to meet other interns and network. Can't recommend CRCC enough!

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  • Ava
    Age: 19-24
    Trinity University
    Solid Program--some things need to be worked out

    -loved being able to meet fellow international students but did that out of my own volition not due to program staff
    -needed more networking advice for participation in international culture not just China
    -more advice on getting acculturated to Shanghai
    -Poor post-program support (they say they'll do resume reviews etc. but do not follow through)
    -Poor post-program networking opportunities (LinkedIn group, Facebook group, etc.)

    How could this program be improved?

    --Work on communication between residence and CRCC staff. Need a translator. How to get mail and other such things.

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  • Andrew
    Age: 19-24
    George Mason University
    Best Trip

    Working with the locals with a language barrier and adjusting to a different work ethics was the most challenging part of the whole trip. Highlights were def. the nightlife and meeting new people across the world. I wish I could say the highlight was my actual internship but I learn more interacting with the people who ended being my friends.

    How could this program be improved?

    The work placement could have been alot better and I wish the company would be more prepared to receive interns.

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  • Lauren
    Age: 19-24
    Phoenix, AZ
    CRCC Asia Shenzhen Site

    Overall, I had a very rewarding experience I'm Asia with CRCC. The staff was beyond amazing, they really blew the customer service and assistance out of the water. Since they provide services and advice on many different levels, it really goes beyond customer service and is a more friendly in town guru! I'm thankful for the experience to learn another culture and explore my future career in international law. I recommend this program because I had a great personal experience!

    How could this program be improved?

    My only complaint was the housing with the program but since talking with staff after my return and my survey I've been assured they will be using different accommodations in the future.

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